7 Segment Counter Circuit

Seven Segment Counter Display Circuit


Here is the circuit diagram of a seven segment counter based on the counter IC CD 4033.This circuit can be used in conjunction with various circuits where a counter to display the progress  adds some more attraction.

IC NE 555 is wired as an astable multivibrator for triggering the CD 4033.For each pulse the out put of CD 4033 advances by one count.The output of CD 4033 is displayed by the seven segment LED display LT543.Switch S1 is used to initiate the counting.Diode D1 prevents the risk of accidental polarity reversal.

Seven Segment Circuit Diagram with Parts List.

7 segment counter circuit


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60 thoughts on “7 Segment Counter Circuit

  1. Anirban Patra

    Circuit diagram is wrong……… CD4033 pin no 3 should be connected with Vcc, not ground.Pin no 5 of NE555 should be connected with ground via 0.01uf capacitor……. I have made the circuit and its working fine

  2. yash save

    I makes circuit seven segment cathod ray display using ic cd 4033 it is two digit counter with ldr it counts but problem is when I reset second ic display shows 1 no in first display show during triggering. wat the problem?

  3. prakhar pandey

    Here 555 ic is wired as monostable mode.
    And you have written it in astable mode.
    Please make sure. And also if it is in astable mode then what will be the value of resistor between pin 6 and 7.

  4. James

    Does anyone know how I can make a circuit that as an object passes between a beam of light the display goes down by one and when I press a button the display resets to 9. I have in idea for how I can use his but don’t have a clue how to make it, any help would be great, thanks.

    • Deepak Sharma

      To correct this fault, connect pin no. 15 of 4033 to the ground, because it is reset pin and if we leave it open then it behaves in the same manner as you mentioned.
      With this pin you can do one more thing, you can connect 220 Kohm resistor between pin 15 and Ground(0V). Now if you apply high voltage (5V) to the pin 15 then your display will reset.


    Requirement;-To read & monitor my Battery voltage which starts from-0 to 24vDC. It should indicate or display on Red color LED display to having in built in circuit which i will be using in my units on front side.My I/P will be either 12 or 24 volts D.C.to this unit. 25pcs/month on regular (red color) & the same in green color.Type -Panel mount. Pl contact me on above mail id for more details.


  6. Ashish

    Hello..i have modified this circuit a little bit by combining the digital dice circuit and this one..i have used ne 555 timer as the multivibrator, cd 4017 as the decade counter, cd 4033 as counter and LT 543 as d seven segment..i hav used 6 leds…the problem is dat wen I press d push button..the following happens..wen the 1st LED is ON..it displays ‘0’ in d seven segment..wen the 2nd LED is ON..it displays ‘1’ in d seven segment..wen the 3rd LED is ON..it displays ‘2’ in d seven segment..and so on..plz help..i am still in the 12th std. and wud appreciate any help..it wud be also gr8 if sumone cud tell me d diff between cd 4017 and cd 4033..

  7. Tittu

    HI Surya,
    pin out Diagram is illustrated below

    LT543 is a common cathode display.
    So dont forget to ground its 3rd pin

    Pinout of 7 segment display
    5-dot (no need here)

  8. Tittu

    Yes, You can increase the number of 7 segment display(bits) by cascading cd4033 ic…. You will get an idea about it from here

  9. D.P.Surya

    Can any body to illustrate pin diagram in refrence to abcdef and 123 of LT543 ,7 segment display LED

  10. coxon

    hi,can i use this to integrate with motion sensor hobby kits and i want to count every person that enter count?please rply asap

  11. Mas.

    Can someone please give me a circuit diagram that uses 74LS47 and 74LS90 instead of CD4033.. Thanks in advance. Please reply as soon as possible. I’ve been trying to search for it but can’t seem to find it.

  12. Daine

    hello, my name is Daine. I’m wondering whether it is possible to make the circuit count backwards say from 9 down to 0?

  13. Michael

    I am looking for a circuit that has three 7 segment LED displays, with a potentiometer. The circuit must make the 7 segment display to show “000″ when the potentiometer is at lowest value and “200″ at maximum value. I would also like it to be remote control witha range of about 20 meters. Any information would be great.

    Thanks for any help I get.

    • John Ross

      One pin 1 location can be located by looking for a notch at one end of the chip. Turn the chip so that the notch on the chip is facing left. Now look at the lower left side of the chip, that will be #1 pin and the numbers will be sequential from that point to the end of the pins in that row. Another identification of pin #1 is to see a dot at one end of the chip. Turn the chip as in the instruction above and see pin one in the same place, (lower left side) pin #1.

  14. nimesh doshi

    hey frnds,i want to make a project using cd4033,555timer,7segment display and want’s to give trigger to 555 by LDR and LED as when beam will cut ,555 should trigger and give a count..plz can anybudy help me out hw to implement this…………..???????????/i need it in 2days plzzzz….thanksss………

  15. Seetharaman

    Hi Zakaria use set / reset flip flop before the counter it will take care. first touch it will get set second touch it will get reset third touch it will get set etc.

      • feroz khan

        dear recently we have designed a seven segment visitor counter just by using simple components rather than micro-controler. if u want the circuit diagram so e-mail me at (engr.ferozkhan@yahoo.com)

  16. T. M. Musa Zakaria

    I need an electronic circuit to display the two-digit seven-segment display, which displays the numbers 01 to 99 on every odd count touch (1, 3, 5 and so on), using a touch switch plate. As detailed steps:
    – touched the first time, displaying the numbers 1;
    – touched the third time, displaying the number 2;
    – touched the fifth time, featuring the number 3;
    – touched the seventh time, showing the number 4. And so on.
    Can anyone help? Thanks!

  17. mohideen

    Hi, just a small enquiry.
    I am using the PIC18f4520.
    How do i count my dual seven segment from 0 -60 and stop?
    I would like to know the coding for this function.
    Yr help would be much appreciated.

  18. URVISH


  19. sweta rai

    i am looking for a circuit that has two 7 segment LED displays, with a 555 timer,ic 4033,12v dc supply and a light sensor. Kindly help me in this regard.


  20. Sumanta Kumar Show

    I do not find the up counter, with clock and reset as the input port and Cnt and Hit as the output port in pspice-capture CIS. Please help me.

  21. seetharaman

    Yes Ravichandran it has got market potential in India as most of our indoor games require it, provided you can match the brass variety or may be little costlier. you may have to produce in very large quantity to maitain low price. better to ofload your idea to some taiwaneese co and get the chip and display from them. you cant just match their price and quality.

  22. ravichandar.L


    i want to know about the market potential & competitives of dice with 7- segment display counter.

    Iam a new student in Electrical & Electronic engineering

  23. elvin

    i am looking for a segment display using a florescent Lamp, how cOuld i dO that one??
    would sOmeone help me plzz..

  24. peter chamier

    circuit for two 7 segment displays, where they
    add up giving approx 30 on the display must also beable to be reset. there must be 3 press to make contact the first must add 1 to the display second must add 2 to the display and third must add 3 to the display. hope you can help
    thanks peter

  25. chitresh

    i am chitresh & i am looking for the working detail of CD4033 (counter,seven segment display driver ),CD4071 OR gate for my project.Actually, Iam a new student in Electrical & Electronic engineering.
    Would any body help me please?!!

  26. Ridha

    My name is Redha and iam looking for counter circuit with two 7segment LED using the pic for my project.And I will use two photocell sensors to count up and down.
    Actually, Iam a new student in Electrical & Electronic engineering.
    Would any body help me please?!!

  27. Vinayaga Prabhu R

    I am looking for a circuit that has two or three 7 segment LED displays, with a potentiometer of 1M or 10 M.The circuit must make the 7 segment display to show “000” when the potentiometer is at leaset value and “100” at maximum value. Kindly help me in this regard.



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