Raspberry Pi as a Web Server

john October 15, 2017 No Comments
Raspberry Pi as Web Server Generally Web server is a computer where the web content is stored which is used to host websites. Website is collection of web pages while web server is a software that respond to the...
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Interfacing Stepper Motor to Arduino

john September 28, 2017 No Comments
Arduino Stepper Motor Interfacing Using Darlington IC UL2003A In this article, we are publishing a project which explains different aspects of interfacing a Stepper Motor with Arduino. Stepper motor is a specially designed DC motor which comes with advantages...
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Circuit Diagram - Interfacing GSM Module Using Proteus

Interfacing GSM Module Using Proteus

john September 10, 2017 No Comments
Interfacing GSM Module Using Proteus The Proteus simulation software can be used to interface real-time modules like the GSM Module. By using this simulation feature the designer can develop the systems within the software and test all the features...
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Circuit Diagram - UART between Microcontrollers Using Proteus

UART Between Microcontrollers Using Proteus

john September 8, 2017 No Comments
UART Between Microcontrollers Using Proteus UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Reception and Transmission of data serially between two terminals. This mode of communication has the advantage of data transmission using lesser number of I/O Pins. For longer transmission distances...
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