Automatic Head Lights Turn Off Circuit

Car Head Lights Turn Off Circuit


This circuit when setup in a car automatically turns off the head light after a preset time after the ignition switch is turned off.So you can walk out easily from the dark garage in the light of your car.

When the ignition switched on first the voltage from battery is fed to the relay through diode D1.When the ignition switch is turned off it produces a negative going pulse at the pin 2 that triggers the timer. The output of the IC goes high for the time set by R1  .This makes the transistor Q1 to conduct to energize the relay to drive the headlight.After the set time the light goes off.With the value of components used you can make a setting from 10 S to 60 S.


  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board.
  • Fit the potentiometer on somewhere on the dashboard so that  you can easily set the timing.

Circuit Diagram & Parts List.

head light turn off


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10 thoughts on “Automatic Head Lights Turn Off Circuit

  1. Timothy Gorbunov

    I don’t get how this circuit would work, it seems that s1 does not do anything and from the battery which side is positive and which side is negative

  2. nash

    hi there any value for the relay k1..?
    more details about this circuit and what are the changes do i need to do if the power supply is 24V???
    pls help me with this…thanks


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