CT Jobs – A job portal dedicated for electronics industry

Charles John May 2, 2018 No Comments
Today we are launching our new venture; a job portal. This is the first ever job portal fully dedicated to the electronics industry. Each year thousands of electronics engineers graduate from colleges, and electronic companies are looking for eligible candidates. But there isn’t a dedicated platform to bring together these two. This is what we at CircuitsToday strive to accomplish, our job portal is a platform where fresh candidates can meet recruiters. This is the Beta launch of our...
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PCBFox – A FREE marketplace connecting PCB manufacturers with buyers

Charles John September 21, 2017 No Comments
We are very excited to announce that @ CircuitsToday, we just launched our new venture PCBFox.com. PCBFox is a great platform that connects PCB manufacturers and buyers from all over the world. The idea behind PCBFox is to setup a place for buyers to meet the best PCB manufacturers anywhere around the globe. With the high growth of IoT (Internet of Things), the number of hardware-based startups & professionals is growing each day, and a lot of them are...
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Best Digital Oscilloscopes

john June 20, 2017 No Comments
A digital oscilloscope finds its vast use among engineering students and circuit enthusiasts. It is known to be one of the best and most able device to capture, analyze and study the salient features of electrical signals. Digital oscilloscopes also finds its use in motor vehicle testing, telecom engineering, vehicle ignition systems, and also medical instruments like ECG’s. A digital oscilloscope is basically an analog oscilloscope that uses an analog to digital converter (ADC) to transform the measured voltage...
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Drag and Drop IoT Project Builder myDevices partner with Arduino

jojo August 11, 2016 No Comments
myDevices – the company behind Cayenne – a drag and drop IoT project builder has announced its partnership with Arduino on August 9th 2016. With the partnership in place, Arduino’s large collection of open source boards are now accessible via the Cayenne visual editor. The importance of a visual IoT project builder is in acceleration of development process. Developers can eliminate lots of manual steps (which usually consumes a good share of development time) with the help of Cayenne,...
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Interfacing pressure sensor to arduino

praveen August 14, 2017 6 Comments
Interfacing SPD005G pressure sensor to arduino This article is about interfacing pressure sensor to Arduino. The pressure sensor used here is SPD005G from Smartec . SPD (Smart Pressure Device) is a series of silicon based pressure sensors suitable for industrial as well as house hold applications. These sensors are generally available in plastic inline or dual inline packaging. SPD sensors are generally available in two operation modes namely gauge type and absolute type. In gauge type, the pressure is...
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We Are Launching An Online Store to Shop Electronic Kits,Boards and Components

jojo May 28, 2015 11 Comments
Hi Everyone, Today we are announcing a happy news in CircuitsToday. We are launching an Online Store at Store.CircuitsToday.com We will be Live from today, 18th December 2014. We are launching with only 8051 Micro controller based Project Kits for Engineering Students and Hobbyists. We will be adding more inventories very soon in our online shop. You can expect popular and commonly used products for sale in coming months. WE WILL BE SELLING MAJOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS DEVELOPMENT KITS  PROGRAMMERS...
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We are on all Social Media – Youtube Facebook Twitter Linkedin and Slideshare

jojo October 21, 2014 No Comments
Hello Everyone,  Lets hope a good day for all! We have been live from 2008 till this date serving you all with fun electronic circuits and projects. In this long span of 6 years, we have come up with a handful of interesting electronic circuits and we have written a couple of good tutorials on micro controllers like 8051, AVR, PIC etc. At the same time, we know we could have done a lot more for the electronics community!...
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Online Tool to Calculate Resistor Color Code – The Story Behind Scenes

jojo March 13, 2014 7 Comments
We have been working on an online application to calculate resistor color codes for the past 2 weeks. If you were subscribed to our Facebook Feed, you might already have tried the tool. We got really good feedback about the tool from people who have tried it. If you have not tried the tool yet, here is the link to access the tool – Resistor Color Code Calculator. Why one more tool ? We know there are many tools...
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Taking Down Forums in CircuitsToday

jojo August 27, 2013 2 Comments
Hi Friends,  2 years before, we have launched Forums in CircuitsToday with great expectations. However due to lack of time on our side, we failed to monitor the forums properly. Above all the software we bought to power forums was too susceptible to spam activities. We had a tough time dealing with “automated spam” activities in forums. In 2 years time, the forum was dominated by spammers than real users. This was an unexpected and hard situation. Though we...
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Digital thermometer using 8051

admin December 13, 2012 45 Comments
Thermometer using 8051. This article is about a simple 0-100°C digital thermometer with 1°C resolution using 8051. The circuit is based on LM35 analog temperature sensor, ADC0804 and AT89S51 microcontroller. LM35 is an analogue temperature sensor IC which can measure a temperature range of -55 to 150°C. Its output voltage varies 10mV per °C change in temperature. For example, if the temperature is 32°C, the output voltage will be 32 x 10mV = 320mV. ADC 0804 is used to convert...
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