DC Motor Speed Control using GY 521 Gyro/Accelerometer and Arduino

jojo August 3, 2017 No Comments
In this article, we are going to control two motors by using the GY-521 accelerometer module. The speed of the motor will increase or decrease upon moving the GY-521 module up or down. On moving the Gy-521 towards the downside, the speed of the first motor will decrease and the speed of the other motor will increase; while on moving the GY-521 towards the upward side, the speed of the second motor will decrease and the speed of the first...
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Nokia 5110 LCD and Arduino – Ultimate Tutorial and Guide

jojo September 27, 2017 No Comments
Interfacing Nokia 5110 LCD Display To Arduino In this article, we are publishing a project tutorial which explains different aspects of interfacing a Graphical LCD (GLCD ) Nokia 5110 with Arduino. Nokia 5110 is a  48 x 84 graphic LCD that has an internal controller PCD8544 to control all displays and operations. The Nokia 5110 is interfaced to the microcontroller through a serial bus interface. After going through the project you can display the graphics or text you wish...
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DIY Arduino Weather Station using Nokia Display

jojo September 27, 2017 No Comments
Learn to Build Arduino Weather Station using DHT11, Soil Sensor, and Nokia Display In this project tutorial, we are going to make an Arduino weather station using 2 sensors; FC-28 soil moisture sensor to measure the moisture and the DHT22 sensor to measure the temperature, humidity and the heat index. All the measured parameters (with the help of sensors) will be displayed using Nokia 5110 LCD. Before we proceed further building our Arduino weather station, let’s see some tutorials which is...
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Arduino Real Time Clock using DS1307 RTC Module

jojo September 28, 2017 No Comments
Build a Real Time Clock using Arduino and DS1307 RTC Module In this article, we are going to build an Arduino Real Time Clock using DS1307 RTC Module and 16×2 LCD module for display. First of all, let’s see how to interface RTC Module to Arduino. There are different kinds of RTC modules available in the market. We are using the most common RTC module comes named DS1307 IC, an LCD module and Arduino Uno for this tutorial. Interfacing an...
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LCD Brightness Control

Smart LCD Brightness Control using Arduino and LDR

jojo July 4, 2017 No Comments
Smart LCD  with Automatic Brightness Adjusting Using Arduino and LDR Sensor Here is a simple Arduino project that focuses on adjusting the brightness of an LCD screen whenever there isn’t  sufficient light in a room. The Arduino reads the surrounding light intensity using an LDR sensor.  The room temperature and humidity range will also be displayed on the LCD. The entire hardware of this simple project using Arduino can be divided into three parts. The sensors, Arduino board, and the...
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RFID based Attendance System using Arduino

RFID Based Attendance System – Learn to Build Yourself

jojo September 13, 2017 4 Comments
An RFID based Attendance System is a very interesting project which can be used in different places say in Schools to register the attendance of students and teachers, Private organizations to tabulate monthly working hours of employees and automatically calculate salary based on the number of hours registered in the office and other similar kinds of applications. An RFID based attendance management system can be designed using different types of microcontrollers, say an 8051 series controller, an AVR, a PIC...
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Robot using Arduino and Bluetooth Module (Obstacle Avoidance Robot)

jojo April 27, 2017 4 Comments
This project is designed to build a robot that automatically detects the obstacle on its path and guides itself whenever an obstacle comes ahead of it. This robotic vehicle is built, using Arduino UNO board. An ultrasonic sensor is used to detect any obstacle ahead of it. A motor driver IC and 2 DC motors are used for controlling the movement of the robot. A servo motor is also used in this project. The ultrasonic sensor is then mounted...
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Arduino automatic irrigation

Arduino Irrigation and Plant Watering using Soil Moisture Sensor

jojo April 10, 2017 1 Comment
Automattic Irrigation and Plant Watering System using Arduino and Soil Moisture Sensor This project is about a moisture-sensing automatic plant watering system using Arduino UNO. The system reads the moisture content of the soil using soil moisture sensor and switches ON the motor when the moisture is below the set limit. When the moisture level rises above the set point, the system switches off the pump.  The status of the tank, motor and the moisture level will be displayed...
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Home Automation using Arduino and GSM Module

Shone V.J April 7, 2017 13 Comments
In this  article, we are publishing a highly useful home application – GSM based home automation using Arduino. The project consists of a 16×2 LCD module for displaying the status of the home appliances. The status (turn ON or turn OFF) of the connected devices can be changed by sending an SMS from your mobile phone. Upon receiving SMS commands through GSM module, arduino will change the status (turn ON/OFF) of the device that is mentioned in the SMS. Objectives...
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Interfacing Accelerometer to Arduino

jojo April 4, 2017 1 Comment
In this article, we are going to interface the GY-521 accelerometer with Arduino. The GY-521 has an InvenSense MPU6050 chip which contains a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyro meter. This makes it a 6 DOF IMU (6 degrees of freedom inertial measurement unit). The chip also includes a 16-bit analog to digital converter on each channel and a DMP (Digital Motion Processor) unit. The DMP unit is responsible for combining the raw data and performing some calculations to remove...
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