Battery Level Indicator

admin March 1, 2011 19 Comments
Simple Battery Level Indicator Description Here is a easy to build low battery level indicator circuit that produces a visible indication by flashing a LED when the battery voltage drops below a predetermined voltage.The circuit is based on Panasonic’s  IC MN13811G   and a efficient flasher based on transistors Q1&Q2.Here when the battery voltage drops below 2.4  V the output of the IC is activated and the flasher starts flashing.This circuit here is an ideal one for monitoring the level...
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Lead acid battery charger circuit

admin November 9, 2018 188 Comments
In this article, we teach you how to design a simple Lead Acid Battery Charger circuit using an op-amp IC and some associated components. The core of this circuit is IC LM 317 – which is basically an operational amplifier IC. Apart from the IC, a transistor (BC 548) is used to control the charging current supplied to battery. You would need a properly designed DC power supply as a prerequisite to build this circuit. Description Here is a...
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Voltmeter circuit using LED

admin November 7, 2018 19 Comments
Car Battery Voltmeter Circuit Description The main onjective of the car batter voltmeter circuit using LED is to work as a warning inducator using a voltmeter circuit to test the life of car batteries. A voltmeter, though can be bought from a store, is designed as a circuit to make the whole arrangement a lot more interesting. A voltmeter is basically a testing device that is used to measure the potential difference between two points of either AC or...
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