Different Types Of Digital Cameras

john February 7, 2010 4 Comments
I have already written posts on the working of film cameras, digital cameras and also on the image sensors. To know more about them click on the links below. TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF FILM CAMERAS TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF DIGITAL CAMERAS Digital cameras are mainly classified according to their use, automatic and manual focus, and also price. Here are the classifications. 1. Compact digital cameras Compact cameras are the most widely used and the simplest...
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Working of Digital Cameras

john July 17, 2014 13 Comments
I have already described about the working of a camera. Almost all the basics of this post have been explained there. Now let us know more about a digital camera, its working, and also advantages. The digital camera can be considered as an alteration of the conventional analog camera. Most of the associated components are also the same, except that instead of light falling on a photosensitive film like an analog camera, image sensors are used in digital cameras....
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Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) vs CMOS Active Pixel Sensor (APS)

john July 17, 2014 No Comments
Since posts on Charge Coupled Device and CMOS Active Pixel Sensor have already been posted, it is time to know their comparison, advantages and disadvantages. Though both of them are equally used in cameras, there are some differences in parameters like gain, speed and so on. Comparison –  Charge Coupled Device and CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Both the devices are used to convert light into electric signals and are used for the same applications.  After converting the signals, they...
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CMOS Active Pixel Sensor (CMOS APS)

john January 27, 2010 No Comments
Active Pixel Sensor (APS) is an image sensor, made up of an array of pixel sensors. In these pixel sensors, each pixel sensor consists of a photo detector and an amplifier. Out of these APS, the most notable is the CMOS Active Pixel Sensor (CMOS APS). CMOS APS has great applications in cameras and also DSLRs. It is called so as it is manufactured by the CMOS process. This type of image sensor is very similar to that of...
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Working of a camera

john January 19, 2010 3 Comments
The work of a camera – photography is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It has not only helped us see the entire world through a click, but has also transformed how people conceive the world. They can also be kept as a remembrance for the rest of our life. Camera can be defined as a device that is used to capture and record photos or videos. Early use of camera Nowadays we see a...
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