Touch Switch Circuit

admin October 30, 2018 35 Comments
In this project guide, we’re building a Touch Switch Circuit using NE 555 IC. As you know, NE/SE 555 is a very popular timer IC with multiple applications in different projects. A touch switch is basically a simple switching circuit activated upon a touch. If you’re new to 555 IC, please take time to read our beginners guide on 555 IC. Also, you can try many of our applications using 555 timer IC Description This is the circuit diagram...
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water level indicator

Simple Water Level Indicator

jacky November 6, 2018 276 Comments
Water Level Indicator Description This is the circuit diagram of a simple corrosion free water level indicator for home and industries. In fact, the level of any conductive non-corrosive liquids can be measured using this circuit. The circuit is based on 5 transistor switches. Each transistor is switched on to drive the corresponding LED when its base is supplied with current through the water through the electrode probes. One electrode probe is (F) with 6V AC is placed at...
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Simple Lamp Dimmer/ Fan Regulator Circuit

admin November 3, 2018 34 Comments
Lamp Dimmer/Fan Regulator Circuit We have modified this circuit: - Take a look - Modified Lamp Dimmer Description The light dimmer circuit or fan regulator circuit (either case, the circuit and design are the same, only difference is the output load to be varied, that is, fan or light) is used to control the brightness of the light or the speed of the fan according to our desire. The objective of the circuit is to vary in intensity the...
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Fridge Door Open Alarm

jacky November 3, 2018 19 Comments
Fridge Door Open Alarm Circuit Description A fridge door open alarm circuit is explained with its detailed working and circuit. The objective of this circuit is to produce an audible alarm when fridge is left open for more than a preset time. This versatile door alarm is made possible with the use of two 555 timer IC’s. Both the 555 ICs are wired as Astable Multivibrators. A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)  is used as the light sensor for this circuit....
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Automatic LED Emergency Light Circuit

admin October 23, 2018 330 Comments
LED Emergency Light An Automatic LED Emergency Light circuit is designed to turn ON when there is no adequate lighting or if the power supply is cut-off. Earlier fluorescent lights were used to build such circuits. But the use of LED’s have proven to provide adequate lighting for a longer period before draining the battery. We have developed three circuits under Automatic LED Emergency Light. Two of them are designed by Mr. Seetharaman, a very valuable and important contributor...
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