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Image Representation in MATLAB – How to Represent Binary,Grayscale & Color Images

In this article, we are going to talk about images, their types and some basic functions for Images. This article is part of our MATLAB tutorial series, which we are developing for Image processing through MATLAB. We expect you to give us feedback, so that we can keep the information flow more efficient, informative and up to the mark. In the first chapter, you have learned an introduction to MATLAB and its commands. In this chapter you will learn how to represent different types of images in MATLAB. In addition you will learn how to read & display images in MATLAB…

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Introduction to MATLAB Tutorial

In this article, we are giving an introduction to MATLAB. This article is part of a tutorial series we are developing for MATLAB. We hope you to give us feedback, so that we can improve our MATLAB tutorial series. What does MATLAB stand for? MATLAB stands for MATrix LABoratory. Hence, as the name suggests, here you play around with matrices.  Using MATLAB an image (or any other data like sound, etc.) can be converted to a matrix and then various operations can be performed on it to get the desired results and values. Image processing is quite a vast field…

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What is Image Processing?An Introduction to basics

Sight/vision is one of the greatest powers of a human being. Our eyes can tell us the shape, size, color of any and everything which comes in front of it.An Image is a 2 D light intensity function f(x,y). A digital image f(x,y) is discretized both in spatial coordinates and brightness.It can be considered as a matrix whose row, column indices specify a point in the image and the element value identifies the intensity value at that points. These elements are referred to as pixels. As we have seen in the Working of Digital camera article on how digital camera works,…

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