Microprocessor and Microcontroller – The difference

jojo December 5, 2011 35 Comments
When you start learning about Microprocessors (in most case you will begin with Intel 8085) and Microcontrollers (usually you will begin with Intel 8051 from the MCS 51 micro controller family), the first question that pops up is “hey… what’s the difference in between” ? In this article I am explaining the basic differences and similarities between a microprocessor and micro controller. In fact you can call this article a simple comparison of both micro computing devices. This comparison...
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Six pin Microcontrollers from Atmel-AVR ATtiny10

jojo April 21, 2009 No Comments
Six pin Microcontrollers from Atmel-AVR ATtiny10 The latest AVR ATtiny10 is highly suitable for large volume market applications. AVR ATtiny10 has 1kilobytes of programmable flash memory, 32 bytes of internal Static Ram,  8-bit Analog to Digital converter, a 16-bit timer with Pulse Width Modulation, 12 MIPS of processing throughput and an analog comparator.Using the AVR CPU, this device is supposed to give 6 times performance of any other similar size & cost device available in the market. Atmel says...
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