GPS-GSM Based Vehicle Tracking System Using Microcontroller

john October 29, 2017 3 Comments
GPS Vehicle Tracking System This article mainly focuses on the idea and logic behind GPS Vehicle Tracking System with remote monitoring and security access using mobile phone. The GPS-GSM module is interfaced using a single microcontroller and the real-time GPS location of the system is inquired using SMS feature. The system is designed to operate only by the registered users. There is an option to add or remove the users in real-time. How does Car Tracking System Work? The...
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DIY – GSM Relay Control Using Smart Switch Board

john October 29, 2017 5 Comments
The main objective of this project is to control the ON/OFF status of electrical appliances at home or company remotely using a cell phone and relay switch. The appliances may include lights, fans, pump, and air conditioners and so on. Though all the household items can be automated to change their ON/OFF status, our prototype model GSM remote control circuit uses 8 electrical appliances. The project includes multiple users to control the appliances and uses unique SMS formats for...
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Mobile incoming call indicator

admin January 23, 2018 205 Comments
Description. This circuit can be used to escape from the nuisance of mobile phone rings when you are at home. This circuit will give a visual indication if placed near a mobile phone even if the ringer is deactivated. When a call is coming to the mobile phone, the transmitter inside it becomes activated. The  frequency of the transmitter is around 900MHz.The  coil L1 picks up these oscillations by induction and feds it to the base of Q1. This...
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