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Types of Chopper Circuits

In chopper circuits, unidirectional power semiconductors are used.  If these semiconductor devices are arranged appropriately, a chopper can work in any of the four quadrants. we can classify chopper circuits according to their working in any of these four quadrants  as  type  A, type B, type C, type D and type E. Let us now take a look of these classifications and the characteristics of various classifications. Type A Chopper or First–Quadrant Chopper This type of chopper is shown in the figure. It is known as first-quadrant chopper or type A chopper. When the chopper is on, v0 = VS…

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Choppers – A general introduction

Choppers  A chopper is basically a dc to dc converter whose main function/usage is to create adjustable dc voltage from fixed dc voltage sources through the use of semiconductors. Types of choppers The main classification of the types of choppers is given in another post. Take a look – TYPES OF CHOPPER CIRCUITS There are two types of choppers – AC and DC. AC Link Chopper In the case of an ac link chopper, first dc is converted to ac with the help of an inverter. After that, AC is stepped-up or stepped-down by a transformer, which is then converted…

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