Voltage Regulator Circuit-The Big List

jojo April 2, 2012 11 Comments
Over years we have published a handful of voltage regulator circuits in this website – which serve many purposes. In this article I am compiling a quick list of the best voltage regulator circuits that will be useful for all of you. The term “Voltage Regulator” is some what general in nature – it can be an AC-AC regulator or a DC-DC regulator. Basically what it does is simple – it regulates and maintains a desired voltage level as...
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10A Adjustable voltage Regulator

admin April 2, 2012 6 Comments
10A Adjustable voltage Regulator MSK 5012. MSK5012 is a highly reliable adjustable voltage regulator.Whose output can be programmed using two resistors. The regulator has a very low dropout voltage(0.45v @10A  )due to the usage of MOSFET with very low Rds (ON) as the internal series pass element.The MS5012 has a high level of accuracy and ripple rejection is around 45dB. It is available in a 5 pin Sip package that is electrically isolated from the internal circuitry. This give us...
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Regulated DC power supply

admin October 7, 2011 19 Comments
Regulated DC Power Supply using transistors. A low ripple regulated DC power supply designed based on transistors is shown here. Such transistor voltage regulators are suitable for application where high output current is required. Conventional integrated series regulators like 7805 can only deliver up to 1A. Additional series pass transistors have to be added to the 7805 based regulator circuit for improving their current capacity. Description. The circuit shown below is a basic series voltage regulator based on transistors....
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Transformerless switch mode power supply circuit

admin November 16, 2018 20 Comments
12V/120mA switch mode power supply circuit Transformer less switch mode power supplies have become very popular these days. The circuit shown below is of a 12V/120mA output, 85 to 230V AC input transformerless switch mode power supply using LNK304 IC. Applications of a power supply based on this IC includes hand held devices, timers, small appliances, LED drivers, industrial gadgets etc. LNK304 is a low component count, efficient off-line switcher IC that can support buck, buck-boost and flyback topologies....
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LDO regulator

admin June 17, 2011 6 Comments
LDO regulator / low dropout regulator LDO regulator means low dropout regulator. An LDO voltage regulator is just a DC linear voltage regulator which can be operated with a very small input-output voltage differential. This input output voltage differential is called dropout voltage. In simple words dropout voltage is the voltage dropped by the regulator circuitry alone for its working. For example, an LM2941 LDO voltage regulator has a dropout voltage of only around 0.5V, which means that in...
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Few switching regulator circuits

admin June 17, 2011 5 Comments
Switching regulator . Switching regulators work by drawing small amounts of energy from the input source and transferring it step by step to the output. This task is attained by using an electronic switch (operating at a predetermined frequency) which works like a gate between the input energy source and the output. This gate controls the amount of charge that is transferred to the output load. The output voltage of the switching regulator depends on how much time the...
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Three phase rectifier using 20L6P45

admin April 20, 2011 3 Comments
Three phase bridge rectifier using 20L6P45. Three phase full wave rectifier circuit is an advanced power rectifier circuit mostly used for industrial DC applications. This module basically has 3 phase inputs and a single DC output. Most of the industrial power supplies such as DC motor drives, welding units, etc are used these kinds of rectification unit. A simple 3 phase rectifier circuit (using20L6P45) and its specifications are given below. Three phase system: In a three phase system there...
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Few LM317 voltage regulator circuits

admin April 11, 2011 33 Comments
Some circuits based on LM317 voltage regulator Few useful circuits using the voltage regulator IC LM317 is shown here. LM317 is a three terminal voltage regulator IC from National Semiconductors. The IC is capable of delivering up to 1A of output current. Input voltage can be up to 40V and output voltage can be adjusted from 1.2V to 37V. Typical positive voltage regulator circuit using LM317. A classic voltage regulator circuit using LM317 is shown above. Input voltage is...
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12V to 24V DC DC converter

admin March 3, 2011 10 Comments
12V to 24V converter. Description. There are many instances where we require 24V DC from a 12V source. I also once faced a situation like this when I decided to fit a small transistorised stereo amplifier which operated from 24V DC in my car. I found this circuit to be well enough for my application. This circuit can produce a steady 24C DC output and can deliver up to 800mA of output current. The circuit is basically a dc dc...
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6 to 15V DC to DC converter

admin February 23, 2011 21 Comments
6 to 15V DC to DC converter using LM2585 Description. A very efficient 6V to 15V DC to DC converter using LM2585 is shown here. LM2585 is a monolithic integrated voltage converter IC that can be used in various applications like flyback converters, boost converters, forward converters, multiple output converters etc. The circuit requires minimum number of external components and the IC can source up to 3A output current. Here the IC is wired as a boost converter where resistors...
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