5 channel radio remote control

admin July 27, 2011 105 Comments
TX-2B / RX / 2B  5 channel radio remote control. This article is about a simple 5 channel radio remote control circuit based on ICs TX-2B and RX-2B from Silan Semiconductors. TX-2B / RX-2B is a remote encoder decoder pair that can be used for remote control applications. TX-2B / RX-2B has five channels, wide operating voltage range (from 1.5V to 5V), low stand by current (around 10uA), low operating current (2mA), auto power off function and requires few...
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Remote Control Circuit Through RF Without Microcontroller

Nidheej January 3, 2011 79 Comments
Remote Control Circuit Through Radio Frequency Without Microcontroller Description This is a simple type remote control by using RF communication without microcontroller. In this project a remote has been designed for various home appliances like television, fan, lights, etc. It gives lot of comfort to the user since we can operate it by staying at one place. We can control any of the appliances by using this remote within the range of 400 foots. In this project consist of...
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FM remote Encoder/Decoder

jacky April 22, 2010 29 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of an FM remote encoder/decoder using the ICs RF600E and RF600D. These devices are designed to provide a high level of security and operates from anything between 2 to 6.6V DC. Various electronic circuits like remote control systems, remote alarm systems, anti theft alarms etc can be implemented using the RF600E/RF600D pair. The remote systems given here uses FM for the transmission. IC1 RF600E and its associated components form the encoder circuit. Pins...
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Telephone operated remote

john December 15, 2009 38 Comments
Description. The circuit given below is of a telephone operated DTMF remote. The circuit can be used to switch up to 9 devices using the keys 0 to 9 of the telephone. Digit 0 is used to switch the telephone system between remote switching mode and normal conversation mode. IC KT3170 (DTMF to BCD decoder) is used to decode the DTMF signals transmitted over the telephone line to corresponding BCD format. IC 74154 ( 4 to 16 demultiplexer) and...
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TV remote jammer

john August 27, 2009 42 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of simple but highly effective TV remote jammer circuit. Most of the TV remotes have 38KHz operating frequency. A flood of IR beams in the same frequency can easily confuse the TV receiver and this is the operating principle of our jammer. The circuit is nothing but an astable multivibrator based on NE555 IC. The output of NE555 is amplified using a PNP transistor SK100 to drive the IR LEDs. Not only TV...
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Ultrasonic switch

john July 25, 2011 40 Comments
Description. A different type of remote control circuit employing ultrasonic signals is given here. The transmitter part of the circuit is build around IC1(NE 555).The IC1 is wired as an astable multi vibrator operating at 40KHz.The output of IC1 is amplifier the complementary pair of transistors ( Q1 & Q2) and transmitted by the ultrasonic transmitter K1.The push button switch S1 is used the activate the transmitter. The receiver uses an ultrasonic sensor transducer (K2) to sense the ultrasonic...
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Remote controlled appliance switch circuit

admin January 21, 2014 108 Comments
Description. Here is a versatile remote controlled appliance switch that can ON or OFF any appliance connected to it using a TV remote.  IR remote sensor IC TSOP 1738 is used for recieving the signal. Normally when no signal is falling on IC3 the output of it will be high.This makes Q1 OFF.When a signal of 38 KHz from the TV remote falls on the IC3 its output goes low.This makes Q1 conduct and a negative pulse is obtained...
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1KHz IR transmitter circuit.

jacky January 30, 2012 19 Comments
Description. This circuit was designed in response to a request from my reader. What he asked for was a 1KHz IR transmitter circuit for some remote control application. I think this circuit may satisfy him. Any way this circuit can be used where ever a low power IR transmitter of 1 KHz operating frequency is needed. This transmitter can transmit up to a distance of about 10 meters. The circuit is based on a NE555 timer IC (IC1) which...
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Remote toggle switch circuit

admin November 15, 2011 10 Comments
Description. In application level this circuit is similar to that of the circuit given previously. The only difference is in the approach. This circuit is designed by using another method. Using this circuit you can toggle any electrical appliance between ON and OFF states by using your TV remote. The only requirement is that your TV remote should be operating in the 38 KHz.  The IC1 (TSOP 1738) is used to receive the infrared signals from the remote. When...
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IR to RF converter circuit.

admin May 18, 2009 23 Comments
Description. The IR to RF transmitter circuit given here can convert the IR signals from your remote to RF signals to long distances. The circuit given here is a good one for extending the range of your IR remote.Also such systems does not need a line of sight since RF signals are used. The transmitter is based on a St-TX 01 ASK transmitter IC (IC2).The IR signals falling on IC 1 (TSOP 1738) will be converted to RF signals...
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