Remote Control Tester Circuit

jacky November 15, 2018 43 Comments
Remote control tester Circuit Description This is a simple remote controller tester circuit  based on infrared sensor IC TSOP 1738. When the IR waves fall on the sensor it output changes to low state. This makes the transistor Q1 (BC558) ON and LED will blink according to the code contained in the signal. So for the press of each button the LED blinks in different ways. This is a good indication of the working of remote. The diode D1...
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Remote controlled switch circuit

admin November 9, 2018 50 Comments
In this project, let’s build a simple Remote controlled switch for appliance controlling. If you know basic concepts of electronics, this circuit is pretty easy to build and test. The core of this circuit are two IC’s – which are infra red sensor IC’s – TSOP 1738. A couple of transistors and associated components complete the circuit – which is affordable for any hobbyist/student. Description. Here is a versatile remote controlled  switch that can ON or OFF any appliance...
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