best Soldering iron kit

Best soldering iron kits for every electronic enthusiast

Charles John July 13, 2019 4 Comments
Best 4 soldering kits we selected-Detailed Review Given below are the best soldering kits to buy in India. 1. AmiciKart’s 60W Soldering Iron Kit If you’re looking for a powerful soldering iron toolset with adjustable temperature control features- Amicikart’s 60W soldering iron kit can be your best bet. The iron is small, compact, lightweight and perfectly suitable for your day-to-day operations. And that’s not all! It also features a super long, 1.5 meter power cable that has an ergonomic...
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Best multimeter

Best Multimeters for Electronics Enthusiasts-Our Best Picks

Charles John June 11, 2018 No Comments
Multimeters can be a key tool in many of the electric tasks that you might need to do around the house. They are used to measure current, voltage and resistance which can be essential to the success of your project. Not to mention that such measurements are also required in order to stay safe during your electric work and after your task is done. The market offers two types of multimeters nowadays: analog and digital multimeters. While both types...
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3 KickStarter projects for all electronics enthusiasts

Charles John May 1, 2018 2 Comments
If you are an inventor, you must have heard, if not benefited from Kickstarter. If not, no need to worry, we take the deliberation to expound on Kickstarter and some of its projects for electronic diehards. Kickstarter is an American based corporation that funds creative projects on a global basis thus enabling inventors with lesser amounts of money to bring out their ideas to life. So far, the company has supported many projects exceeding 250, 000 in various sectors...
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Amazon Echo Review – Is it worth the hype?

jojo February 3, 2016 No Comments
Amazon Echo, easily described as the Siri for your home, is an amazing smart gadget by Amazon for your home. Echo is basically an expertly tuned speaker with wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity. Its hardware is very nice, a 9.25” high cylinder with a woofer and a tweeter and is capable of producing 360 degree omni directional audio. It also has an array of 7 microphones which listen to everything you say from any direction, and its listening skills are...
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DatasheetLib – A new Datasheet Database Website to revolutionize Datasheet Discovery

jojo September 23, 2013 1 Comment
Electrical engineers all over the world would bet anything for a better datasheet search engine. Its such an under served  market that there are still rooms for improvement. Although there are hundreds of websites which supplies datasheets in the form of PDF like DatasheetCatalogue, AllDataSheet and many others, recently launched DatasheetLib follows a different approach from the existing players. In this article my aim is to compare different datasheet providing websites and see how they all are different from...
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The Best & Free Android Applications for the Electronics & Electrical Engineers

jojo November 28, 2012 11 Comments
The world around us is changing at a much faster pace than any one can anticipate. The world of “computing” has already seen great shifts from Desktops to Notebooks to Smartphones and Tablets. The coming decade will be more focused on mobile computing and cloud computing. Here in this article, I am listing some of the best and really useful applications released in Android market (aka Google Play), that comes handy for any one who is working in Electrical...
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Weller WLC 100 temperature controlled soldering station

admin October 20, 2011 3 Comments
Weller WLC 100 Soldering Station. The Weller WLC 100 soldering station is designed with electronics hobbyists in mind. The package includes a light weight pencil, soldering iron, power control module and a spring type soldering iron holder. The light weight pencil iron has an ST3 iron plated copper tip. The cushioned grip makes it very comfortable to work. The heating element is replaceable. With the help of the variable power control module, you can adjust the power from 5 to...
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Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter

admin June 11, 2018 2 Comments
Remote Display Multimeter Fluke 233. Using the Fluke233 remote digital thermometer you can work at two places in same time. Such a multimeter is very in suitable performing test and measurements at hazardous environments. Standing on ladders, tangling long test cables, calling a second guy for at the desired location and perform the test/measurement from a convenient place through the detachable wireless display module. The Fluke 233 is a gadget that will surely make your work much easier. Click...
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