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GPOS versus RTOS for an Embedded System

Difference between a GPOS (Normal General Purpose Operating System) and an RTOS (Real  Time Operating System) The whole purpose of this article is to outline the basic differences between a GPOS (General Purpose Operating System) or a Normal OS as many people call it and an RTOS (Real Time Operating System). Let’s have a look. Image Courtesy The basic difference of using a GPOS or an RTOS lies in the nature of the system – i.e whether the system is “time critical” or not! A system can be of a single purpose or multiple purpose. Example of a “time critical…

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What is Real Time Operating System (RTOS)- How it works?

                When we hear the word “Operating System” the first ones that come to our mind are those we experience/use in our day to day life, say, Windows XP, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 7 for Computer systems, Android for mobiles and many more . We mainly know that operating systems are for computers. It is a fact that most of the digital electronic devices run some sort of operating systems inside. There are many operating systems developed for micro controllers too. But here it is familiar as REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEM. The phrase ‘REAL TIME’ indicates that the response of the…

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