GPOS versus RTOS for an Embedded System

jojo June 12, 2012 18 Comments
Difference between a GPOS (Normal General Purpose Operating System) and an RTOS (Real  Time Operating System) The whole purpose of this article is to outline the basic differences between a GPOS (General Purpose Operating System) or a Normal OS as many people call it and an RTOS (Real Time Operating System). Let’s have a look. Image Courtesy The basic difference of using a GPOS or an RTOS lies in the nature of the system – i.e whether the system...
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What is Real Time Operating System (RTOS)- How it works?

Mathew Kevin July 10, 2017 10 Comments
                When we hear the word “Operating System” the first ones that come to our mind are those we experience/use in our day to day life, say, Windows XP, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 7 for Computer systems, Android for mobiles and many more . We mainly know that operating systems are for computers. It is a fact that most of the digital electronic devices run some sort of operating systems inside. There are many operating systems developed for micro controllers...
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