Water level alarm circuit

admin January 23, 2018 130 Comments
Description. Here is a simple water level alarm circuit using 555 timer that will produce an audible alarm when the water level reaches  a preset level.The circuit can be powered of a  3V battery and is very handy to use. The circuit is based on an astable multivibrator wired around IC1 (NE 555).The operating frequency of the astable multivibrator here will depend on capacitor C1, resistances R1,R2 and the resistance across the probes A&B.When there is no water up...
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Air flow detector circuit.

admin June 1, 2009 142 Comments
Description. This circuit can give a visual indication of the rate of air flow.It can be also used to check whether there is air flow in a given space. The filament of a incandescent bulb is the sensing part of the circuit.When there is no air flow the resistance of the filament will be low.When there is air flow the resistance drops , because the moving air will remove some of the heat generated in the filament.This variations in...
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Magnetic proximity switch.

admin May 3, 2008 16 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of a magnetic proximity switch that finds a lot of applications in many fields.The circuit is based on a magnetic reed switch(S1) as the proximity sensor. A monostable multivibrator based on NE555 (IC1) and a toggle flip flop based on CD4013 (IC2) does the rest of the circuit. When a magnet is reached in proximity of S1 it closes to give a negative trigger at pin 2 of IC1.The output of IC1 goes...
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Mains failure alarm circuit

admin March 8, 2012 26 Comments
 Description. Here is a simple mains power failure alarm/detector circuit that produces an alarm whenever the mains supply fails. Lot of such circuits are available, but the peculiarity of this circuit is that it requires no back up power source like a battery to power the alarm when the mains is absent. When there is mains supply the transistor Q1(BC558) will be OFF and the capacitor C1 will be charged. When the mains supply fails the transistor Q1 becomes...
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Dew sensitive switch

admin March 8, 2012 15 Comments
Description. Here is a simple circuit that can be used to switch ON or OFF a device when the dew present in the surrounding atmosphere crosses a set value. The circuit uses a dew sensitive resistive element and a comparator based on LM 358 to perform the above said operation. At normal condition the resistance of dew sensor element will be low and so the voltage drop across it. So the voltage at the non inverting pin of LM358...
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Digital temperature sensor

admin February 16, 2012 29 Comments
Description. Here is a straight forward, yet effective digital temperature controller that can be used with temperature control systems. The circuit uses IC LM 35 (IC3) to as the temperature sensor. The output of LM 35 is given to the IC ADC 0804 (IC4) which converts the analog output of the LM 35 to digital output. The ADC 0804 is a 8 bit ADC. Eight LED’s are connected to the output  of ADC to show the output logic. If...
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