Controllability and Observability.

admin November 19, 2011 5 Comments
Controllability and Observability. Controllability and observability are two very important things related to state space analysis. There are many tests for checking controllability and obervability and these tests are very essential during the design of a control system using state space approach. Controllability. Controllability verifies whether is state variable is useful or not. It checks whether a state variable can be manipulated for obtaining the required output. If a state variable is not controllable then there is no meaning...
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State space analysis

admin November 17, 2011 9 Comments
State space analysis. State space analysis is an excellent method for the design and analysis of control systems. The conventional and old method for the design and analysis of control systems is the transfer function method. The transfer function method for design and analysis had many drawbacks. Drawbacks of transfer function analysis. Transfer function is defined under zero initial conditions. Transfer function approach can be applied only to linear time invariant systems. It does not give any idea about...
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