Hall Effect switch

jacky February 26, 2010 8 Comments
Description. The circuit diagram shown here is of a Hall Effect switch. Hall Effect sensor IC DN6848 from Panasonic is the heart of the circuit. The DN6848 has a built-in Hall Effect sensor, Schmitt trigger circuit, power supply regulator and temperature compensation circuits integrated to a single chip. High sensitivity, low drift and excellent temperature stability of the DN6848 makes it well suitable for a variety of position, rotation and speed sensing applications. When the south pole of a...
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Simple electronic fuse.

john January 18, 2011 10 Comments
Description. This is perhaps one of the simplest electronic fuse circuit one can make. The circuit uses only one transistor, one SCR, one push button switch and two resistors. The working of the circuit is very simple. Initially the load current flows through SCR and resistor R1.The value of R1 is so selected that, the maximum load current multiplied by the resistance of R1 is equal to 0.7 volts. When the load current exceeds the maximum value the voltage...
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Fuse with status indicator.

john August 4, 2009 2 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of a fuse that has an automatic status indicator. This circuit can be added to circuit that operates from 12V DC. As long as the fuse is intact, the LED D3 will glow continuously and when the fuse blows off the LED will start and continue blinking. The first part of the circuit includes an astable multivibrator built around transistors Q1 and Q2.The output of the multivibrator is coupled to the base of...
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Touch switch using CD4011.

john March 6, 2010 24 Comments
Description. A simple touch switch circuit using CD4011 is given here. The IC CD4011 is wires as a flip flop here. The 9, 13 pins of the IC works as the set and reset contacts respectively.CMOS ICs like 4011 require requires a very low current for controlling its gates. Since the pins 9 and 13 are connected to the positive via resistors R1 and R2, the logic gates of the ICs will be in high state. When we touch...
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Intelligent trailing switch.

john February 25, 2009 2 Comments
Description. This is a very simple yet effective circuit in which the equipments connected at the so called trailing sockets will run only if the equipment connected at the control socket is switched on. For example, let’s connect a motor is connected to the control socket and a lamp is connected at the trailing socket. The lamp will glow only when the motor is running. When the load connected at the control circuit is switched on, the load current...
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Sound operated flip flop.

john November 18, 2011 6 Comments
Description. Here given is a circuit in which the status of the output pins of a Flip Flop IC can be toggled by using sound. A condenser microphone is used for picking up the sound. The first two op-amps in the IC1 LM 324 is used to amplify the sound picked by the condenser microphone. The third op-amp inside LM 324 is wired as a level detector. When ever the voltage produced due to sound have a level more...
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