Temperature controlled LEDs

john August 18, 2009 23 Comments
Description. The circuit is nothing but two LEDs (D1 and D2), whose status are controlled by the temperature of the surroundings. The famous IC LM35 is used as the temperature sensor here. Output of LM35 increases by 10mV per degree rise in temperature. Output of LM35 is connected to the non inverting input of the opamp CA3130.The inverting input of the same opamp can be given with the required reference voltage using POT R2. If the reference voltage is...
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Thermostat using LM56

john August 14, 2009 2 Comments
Description. Here is the schematic of a very simple electronic thermostat using IC LM56. LM56 is a very accurate dual output low power thermostat from National Semiconductors.LM56 has various useful features like internal temperature sensor, two internal voltage comparators, internal voltage reference etc. Two stable temperature trip points (VT1 and VT2) are created by dividing the LM56’s 1.250V internal voltage reference using 3 external resistors (R1, R2 and R3). There are two digital outputs for LM56 .Output1 becomes LOW...
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Zero degree Celsius alarm

john May 14, 2009 5 Comments
Description. This simple circuit will produce an alarm whenever the temperature falls below zero degree. A thermistor is used here to sense temperature. The op-amp LM7215 is used to compare the reference voltage and voltage from the thermistor network. Reference voltage is given to the non inverting input (pin3) of the IC and voltage from thermistor network is given to the inverting input (pin4).When temperature becomes less than zero degree the voltage at the non inverting input becomes larger...
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