Audio oscillator circuit

admin February 22, 2012 16 Comments
ICL 8038 waveform generator. ICL8038 is a monolithic waveform generator IC that can produce sine, square and triangular waveforms with very little distortion. The frequency can be programmed from 0.001Hz to 300 KHz using external timing capacitor and resistor. Frequency modulation and sweeping can be attained by using an external voltage. Other features of the ICL8038 are high linearity, high level outputs, simultaneous sine, square, triangle wave outputs, low external parts count, high temperature stability etc. The working of...
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Simple function generator circuit

admin October 25, 2011 8 Comments
LM1458 Simple Function Generator. A simple function generator circuit using LM1458 is known here. LM1458 is a dual general purpose operational amplifier. The two opamps inside LM1458 has a common bias network, power supply line and are independent of each other in operation. The LM1458 does not require an external frequency compensation circuit and has built in short circuit protection. Lm 1458 has a wide supply voltage range and it is available in 8 pin mini DIP package. Description....
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Digital thermometer circuit

admin July 21, 2011 47 Comments
Digital thermometer circuit. CA3162, CA3161 & LM35. A simple digital thermometer circuit with out a micro controller and having a seven segment LED read out is shown here. The circuit is based on three ICs: CA3162, CA3161 and LM35. CA3162 is a monolithic analogue to digital (A/D) converter that has BCD output. The A/D converter inside the IC is a dual slope type with differential inputs. The IC has an internal timing circuitry and hold function. When the hold...
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Capacitance meter using LM2917

jacky May 26, 2010 10 Comments
Description. The circuit diagram of a simple capacitance meter using IC LM2917 is shown here. The LM2917 is a high gain monolithic frequency to voltage converter IC from National Semiconductors. Even though the main application of LM2917 is in tachometers, it can be also used for a variety of applications like this. Capacitance values from 0.01uF to 0.1uF can be measured using this circuit. The capacitance to be measured is connected between pin 2 of the IC and ground....
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Frequency to voltage converter using LM331

jacky August 13, 2017 32 Comments
Making a frequency to voltage converter – All you need to know Description LM331 is basically a precision voltage to frequency converter from National Semiconductors. The IC has a hand full of applications like analog to digital conversion, long term integration, voltage to frequency conversion, frequency to voltage conversion. Wide dynamic range and excellent linearity make the IC well suitable for the applications mentioned above. Here the LM331 is wired as a frequency to voltage converter which converts the...
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LED based transistor tester

john March 22, 2011 18 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit of a very simple transistor tester which used two LEDs for displaying the condition of a transistor. Both PNP as well as NPN transistors can be tested using this circuit. Quad 2 input CMOS NAND gate IC CD4011B is the heart of the circuit. Out of the four NAND gates inside the IC, only three are used here and they are used as NOT gates by shorting their input terminals. Gates U1a, U1b, resistor...
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Digital voltmeter using ICL7107

john February 2, 2011 83 Comments
Description. The circuit given here is of a very useful and accurate digital voltmeter with LED display using the ICL7107 from Intersil. The ICL7107 is a high performance, low power, 3.5 digit analog to digital converter. The IC includes internal circuitry for seven segment decoders, display drivers, reference voltage source and a clock. The power dissipation is less than 10mW and the display stability is very high. The working of this electronic circuit is very simple. The voltage to...
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F to V Converter

john January 27, 2014 26 Comments
F to V Converter Circuit using LM555 Timer has introduced an online store to buy books that provide the basics and applications of 555 timer IC. There are 3 books in store. You can buy them after reading our reviews. You can know more by clicking here:- 3 Great Books to Learn 555 Timer Circuits and Projects Description. Here is a very simple circuit diagram of a frequency to voltage (F to V) converter. Such a circuit finds numerous...
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Sensitive electromagnetic field sensor.

john September 17, 2009 10 Comments
Description. This is the circuit diagram of a very sensitive electromagnetic field sensor which can sense electromagnetic field from 40Hz to 140Hz. The low noise opamp LF351 and associated components forms the pick-up section. 1uH coil L1 is used for sensing the field and the IC1 performs the necessary amplification. If the picked electromagnetic field is in the audio frequency range, it can be heard through the head phone Z1.There is also a meter arrangement for accurate measuring of...
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Peak detector circuit using LM393

john December 22, 2011 2 Comments
Description. This is the circuit diagram of a very simple and cheap peak detector circuit. This circuit operates from 5V DC and can detect signals up to 150 KHz. Dual comparator IC LM393 is the heart of this circuit. First comparator IC1a is used for detecting the peak of the input signal. Second comparator IC1b is wired as a buffer to increase the current gain. Circuit diagram. Notes. The circuit can be assembled on a Vero board. The IC...
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