Working Of Electric Cars

john January 13, 2010 29 Comments
Studies have shown that the past decade had a rise in the number of cars to almost 500% than the previous one! This rise in cars has also been a major cause for the vast environmental pollution throughout the world. The introduction of electric cars has proved that they are very much environmental friendly and less pollute compared to gas cars. There has been a rapid increase in the sale of electric cars for the past few years. Comparison...
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MOS Transistors – Operation

john January 12, 2010 4 Comments
The bipolar junction transistor is the one which amplifies a small change in input current to produce a large change in output current. Another type of transistor, called a field effect transistor (FET), converts a change in input voltage into a change in output current and thus the gain of an FET is measured by its transconductance, defined as the ratio of change in output current to change in input voltage. The voltage is applied to the input terminal...
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Add/Replace RAM to your Laptop easily!

john January 12, 2010 No Comments
Nowadays desktop PC’s are getting diminished due to the high demand for laptops. Though both desktops and laptops have the same specifications, the way they are put together is what makes them different. You can carry your laptops wherever you like and can also be run on battery unlike a desktop computer (though it runs on UPS, it does not stand for a long time compared to laptop). They are smaller in size and also thin and lightweight. Desktop...
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Working of an Inductor

john March 12, 2010 19 Comments
Working Of Inductors I have explained many articles on various electronic circuits, which shows applications of Inductors. But I have not explained the proper working of inductor till now. Inductors are used in many analog circuits and are also used along with capacitors for forming filter circuits and thus signal processing. They are also used in Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), oscillators, transmitters, receivers, voltage regulators and also for over voltage protection. What is an Inductor? An Inductor, also...
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Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) – Working

john August 14, 2018 37 Comments
LCD – Working We always use devices made up of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) like computers, digital watches and also DVD and CD players. They have become very common and have taken a giant leap in the screen industry by clearly replacing the use of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT). CRT draws more power than LCD and are also bigger and heavier. LCD’s have made displays thinner than CRT’s. Even while comparing the LCD screen to an LED screen, the...
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Working of Speakers

john July 25, 2011 4 Comments
We have always shown keen interest in buying the best electronic stuffs like CD’s, tapes and also computers. No one has bothered much to know about the quality of the speakers that bring the ultimate output. Even if any high end amplifier and other devices are used, it will all become a waste if the proper loud speaker is not used to present the output. The speaker is mainly responsible for changing the electronic signals that are produced by...
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Bluetooth Technology

john December 16, 2009 10 Comments
As innovative ideas are introduced along with the technological boom, our communication methods are becoming more and more easier. We have seen devices communicating each other with the help of wires, cables, radio-signals, wireless and also infrared signals. Apart from these physical connections, there are also some protocols (a set of commands and responses) that should be obeyed by the devices so as to stream their data. These protocols include The amount of data that should be sent at...
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Working of a Capacitor

john October 25, 2013 12 Comments
Definition A capacitor is an electronic device that is used to store electrical energy. They are only used to store the electrons and they are not capable of producing them. Invention of the Capacitor There are many stories behind the invention of the capacitor. A German scientist named Ewald Georg von Kleist was known to invent the capacitor in November 1745. But, he did not have any detailed notes or records of his invention. So, he was given the...
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How Global Positioning System (GPS) works?

john June 5, 2012 8 Comments
Introduction Global Positioning System (GPS), has found itself as a gateway for the cutting edge technology for this century. It was designed and developed by USA during the late 19th century after recognizing its importance in military applications. Due to its accurate positioning capabilities and navigation and timing services it was later open for civilian uses as well.   Working of GPS A GPS system consists of •             A GPS enabled product like a GPS phone or a GPS...
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Measurement of Electrical Quantities with a CRO

jojo December 22, 2016 6 Comments
CRO is a very versatile instrument in laboratory for measurement of voltage, current, frequency and phase angle of any electrical quantity. But before we go ahead with dis­cussion on measurement of electrical quantities with CRO, we should understand some basic oscilloscope patterns. Basic Oscilloscope Patterns Assume that a sinusoidal voltage signal is applied to the horizontal deflection plates without applying any voltage signal to the vertical deflec­tion plates, as shown in figure. At point A in time, the voltage...
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