Dual Tone Train Horn Circuit


A dual tone train horn simulator circuit can be made using two NE 555 timers connected in cascade.Here instead of using two NE 555 timers a single NE 556 timer is used which is a nothing but two 555’s in one package and each timers work independently.Switch S1 can be used to start the horn.The circuit is simple and low cost but works greatly.

Circuit Diagram & Parts List.

Dual Tone Circuit

Train Sound Circuit Diagram


  • Use a 9V DC power supply or battery for this circuit.
  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board.Constructing a bread board prototype is recommended.

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2 thoughts on “Dual Tone Train Horn Circuit

  1. Jason

    I built this circuit but get more of a convenience store door alarm out. Dosn’t sound like a train at all. The only difference is I used two 555 timers and they are not the same. One is a 7555 and the other is a 1455. Could this be my problem?


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