Function Generator Circuit

Function Generator Circuit


The ICL8038 is a function generator chip, capable of generating triangular, square , sine, pulse and sawtooth waveforms . From these sine, square & triangular wave forms can be made simultaneously.There is an option to control the parameters like frequency,duty cycle and distortion of these functions.This is the best function generator circuit for a beginner to start with and is of course a must on the work bench of an electronics hobbyist.The circuit here is designed to produce waveforms from 20Hz to 20 kHz.The ICL 8038 has to be operated from a dual power supply.

Function Generator Circuit Diagram & Parts List.

Pulse Generator or Waveform Generator Circuit

Function Generator Circuit Diagram

Notes .

  • The circuit needs a dual power supply. A +15 -15 power supply as shown in the circuit is enough for the purpose.
  • The frequency of the output wave form can be adjusted using R7.It must be a 100K Log POT.
  • The duty cycle can be adjusted using R3 , a 1K POT.
  • The distortion of the wave form can be adjusted using R5 , a 100K POT.
  • Square,triangle & sine waveforms can be obtained simultaneously at pins 9,3,2 respectively.

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21 thoughts on “Function Generator Circuit

  1. Heggi

    how to change this circuit to be able to make 25kHz ?
    I’ve look through ICL8038 datasheet, and it says it is able to generate up to 100 kHz, but I can’t find how to determine the frequency


  2. ejcab7

    hello mr. SEETHARAMAN

    im trying to build this circuit. are you saying that i have to put a 10uF cap before the +V and -V? so thats 2 caps? and what is the 0.1 disc?

    thanks. i was the amplifier noob dude you helped. 🙂

  3. seetharaman

    Hi Mr Faisal is correct it important that you decouple power supply both positive and negative at the IC end to common with 10uF and a 0.1 disc (one set for positive supply and one set for negative supply).

  4. Faisal shehzad

    This circuit works.But you should use two capacitors of 10uf(polar) and connect one capacitor with V+(positive leg of capacitor) and second capacitor with V-(negative leg of capacitor) and remaining two terminals of capacitor should ground.Then this circuit will work.Don’t use this circuit as it if u use then your IC will be damage.


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