Hi-Fi DX Bass circuit


Here is the circuit diagram of a passive DX bass circuit that can be used with almost all audio amplifiers. This circuit is designed by Mr. Emmanuel Chipula (emmanuel@windowshoppingmalawi.com) from Malawi and was sent to us for publication.We tested this circuit in our lab and the result was fine.Full credit of this circuit goes to Mr.Emmanuel Chipula and we thank him for his contribution.

Emmanuel’s comments on the circuit : The circuit that I have designed is a passive one but you can make it an active one by adding a pre amp at the output. The first stage acts as a main tone stage. It balances the bass and the treble. The 0.01 cap is for high frequency while the 0.22uF cap is for low frequency. The second stage is for sound compression. the caps works the same as at the first stage only that they are there to start the sound compression that is received from the input stage. The 2.2k resistor delays the sound thereby multiplying the compression. The 10k variable resistor is there used to tune the compression depending on the frequency of the speaker. If you are using 4 to 6 inches hi-fi speakers, I advise you to keep the 10k variable resistor at 0 ohm. The circuit is not copyrighted and you can change it to suit your requirement. All I ask is to be posting the updates of the circuit design on the site.

Circuit diagram.

DX bass circuit


  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB.
  • This circuit does not require a power supply.
  • POT R6 is for volume control.
  • Switch S1 can be a slide switch and it is the DX Bass switch.

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