IR to RF converter circuit.


The IR to RF transmitter circuit given here can convert the IR signals from your remote to RF signals to long distances. The circuit given here is a good one for extending the range of your IR remote.Also such systems does not need a line of sight since RF signals are used.

The transmitter is based on a St-TX 01 ASK transmitter IC (IC2).The IR signals falling on IC 1 (TSOP 1738) will be converted to RF signals by IC2 and transmitted through antenna.The transmitter has a power output of 16dBm at 5V supply.

The receiver is based on a ST-RX04 ASK receiver IC (IC3).The IC3 receives the transmitted code, decodes it to the original IR code and re transmits through IR LED (D1).  The transistor Q1 is used to drive the D1 from the output of the IC3(pin2).

Circuit diagram with Parts list.



  • Use a 6V battery with a 1N 4007 series(forward biased) with its positive terminal as power supply for each circuit.
  • Use  20 cm long  copper wire for each antenna.
  • Ranges upto 200m are possible with matching antenna.
  • The capacitor C1 must be rated 10V.
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23 thoughts on “IR to RF converter circuit.

  1. Priyo

    This circuit will NOT work. TSOP1738 receiver will demodulate the input from your remote and feed the transmitted code to ST-TX 01 ASK transmitter. But the ST-RX04 ASK receiver will only process the transmitted code. The code will need to be modulated again with a 38 KHz signal before sending to IR Led. The modulation is missing here.

  2. kady

    TSOP ,is an IR decoder,so the output is not a bunch of pulse burst with duty cicles that an remote are emitting.
    This means , the TSOP inside of the TV have to decode an already decoded signal.
    soo I think this is not working.
    Has anyone tried this schematic?

  3. Edgardo

    Admin Sir,
    How do we use the transmitter? where do we press or use some sort of switch?
    How can we buy the I.C’s, it is very hard to finde hgere in Kuwait.

  4. john bharath

    the idea is good but cant used as ir to rf to ir extender ,where the ir has the data but no carrier freq because all ir decoder sensors decodes for the carrier freq Ex:40khz,38khz,36khz it requires a carrier freq gen for tx the data again.

    • admin Post author

      oops! that was an error in he circuit diagram.
      now corrected.pls check the circuit.

      thanks for pointing the error.


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