Mains Operated LED Circuit

This is a modified version of the circuit Super bright LED Night Light published here. This circuit is submitted by Mr. Seetharaman and its full credit goes to him.

This is the circuit of a well tried and reliable 230 Volt AC mains operated 24 LEDs (super bright 50mA LEDs). While practically compare the brightness between this circuit and 11watts tube, the LED light is much better. The layout is made in such a way, you get uniform illumination. A photograph of the cicuit is also given in this post.

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577 Responses to “Mains Operated LED Circuit”

  • sunil p.kalamkar says:

    sir, i tried 25 led series connection in which i found that when dc side accidently open & close it damages all led , why this happen ? any solution for that ?

    • Eigo says:

      I’ll try to explain in simple way, it happens like that because when you disconnect LEDs, that current that is let through mains 230V capacitor doesn’t get used and thus it charges dc side to mains voltage level, when you again connect LEDs this high voltage damages them.
      Better don’t disconnect it in this way and if it still happens then you could use a fuse just after the DC capacitor.

  • sree says:

    is it compulsory to put 470K resistance. can i reduce the value what will it happens or is it unsafe to change.

    and can i use 1000uF 100v instead of 10uF 160V.

    • Eigio says:

      In my project I didn’t use neither 470k resistor nor 100 ohm resistor and it works already for a year, as far as I understand they are for protection of LEDs when capacitor short circuits or opens.
      The bigger capacitor you will use in DC side the smoother light will be, less flickering, I use big capacitor because I film under that light and on camera it’s quite visible when light intensity changes due to 50Hz mains frequency.

  • sree says:

    i have done this with 1W resistance is it any problem to do.
    and how many power LED can be added to this in how many watts