Musical light chaser circuit

Musical Light Chaser


Here is a simple state of the art musical chaser circuit that can be used in discotheques or even at home if you are a little music crazy . The working of the circuit is straight forward ,the condenser mic pickup the sound and Q1 amplifies it.This signal is fed to clock input of IC1 ,CD 4016. The IC is wired in divide by ten mode. The out put of IC1 is given to clock input of IC2, CD4016.The out puts of IC 2  shown in the right side of IC2  in circuit diagram will run run according to the frequency of the input.Result ,we get 10 lights dancing in the according frequency of the sound available. If no sound is there the first light will glow steady. For saving space only arrangement for connecting only one lamp is shown in the diagram. Make 9 lamp arrangements like the one shown in figure and connect each if them to the each outputs of IC2 with the other ends connected to the circuit as that of one shown in circuit.

The power supply for the circuit is directly derived from the mains itself using D2 , R9,C4,C3 and D3, which adds an extra  bonus of avoiding the bulky transformer to make the circuit compact.

Light Chaser Circuit Diagram with Parts List

Sound Output Light Chaser

Light Chaser Circuit Diagram


  • If the output does not respond to the music and only the first light remains glowing, adjust the level of input signal to IC1 by adjusting   R1  since the cause of problem is the low voltage level of input to IC1. Problem is solved.
  • Some parts of the circuit are live with potential shock hazard.So be careful.

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