The History of Electronics-Infographics

jojo March 16, 2012 9 Comments
Hey guys, Ever thought how the world as we see it now evolved? How came great inventions and discoveries? What were the reasons behind all these great inventions like Diodes, Transistors, IC”s and Micro computers? Here we have developed...
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Ripple carry adder

admin March 29, 2012 6 Comments
Ripple carry adder circuit. Multiple full adder circuits can be cascaded in parallel to add an N-bit number. For an N- bit parallel adder, there must be N number of full adder circuits. A ripple carry adder is a logic circuit...
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Cascode amplifier

admin March 13, 2012 1 Comment
Cascode amplifier is a two stage circuit consisting of a transconductance amplifier followed by a buffer amplifier. The word “cascode” was originated from the phrase “cascade to cathode”. This circuit have a lot of advantages over the single stage...
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Piccolo – The ‘Sketching’ Robot

john March 6, 2012 5 Comments
Piccolo Piccolo can be said as the perfect companion for a graphic designer or an engineer as it helps him to sketch his creativity. Piccolo is a small pocket sized robot which uses servo mechanism for developing and deploying...
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Flip Flop Conversion

john March 7, 2012 58 Comments
For the conversion of one flip flop to another, a combinational circuit has to be designed first. If a JK Flip Flop is required, the inputs are given to the combinational circuit and the output of the combinational circuit...
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A Note on Character LCD Displays

Mathew Kevin July 10, 2017 15 Comments
There are many display devices used by the hobbyists. LCD displays are one of the most sophisticated display devices used by them. Once you learn how to interface it, it will be the easiest and very reliable output device...
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The Single Atom Transistor Concept

john February 24, 2012 3 Comments
Worlds Smallest Single Atom Transistor A group of researchers including Michelle Simmons and her colleagues developed a single phosphorus atom transistor using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) at the University of New South Wales. The 3-dimensional perspective of the...
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Log amplifier

admin February 24, 2012 6 Comments
Log amplifier. Log amplifier is a linear circuit in which the output voltage will be a constant times the natural logarithm of the input. The basic output equation of a log amplifier is v Vout = K ln (Vin/Vref);...
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Audio oscillator circuit

admin February 22, 2012 12 Comments
ICL 8038 waveform generator. ICL8038 is a monolithic waveform generator IC that can produce sine, square and triangular waveforms with very little distortion. The frequency can be programmed from 0.001Hz to 300 KHz using external timing capacitor and resistor....
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Arduino (For beginners)

Anish February 4, 2016 13 Comments
We have developed this article as a beginners guide for Arduino.  We have compiled many of our arduino articles to help you understand the board better and begin your first serious project using Arduino. So let’s begin. Ever thought...
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Stereo headphone amplifier

admin February 16, 2012 8 Comments
LM4910 stereo headphone amplifier. LM4910 belonging to the Boomer series of National Semiconductors is an integrated stereo amplifier primarily intended for stereo headphone applications. The IC can be operated from 3.3V ans its can deliver 0.35mW output power into a...
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Simple FM transmitter circuit.

admin February 11, 2012 57 Comments
Two transistor FM transmitter. Description. A lot of FM transmitter circuits have been already published here. This just another one, a simple two transistor FM transmitter.The first stage of the circuit is a preamplifier stage based on transistor Q1....
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IMAX – The Giant Step to Movies

john February 9, 2012 No Comments
Let a movie be in 3-D or an ordinary 70mm projection. We have always loved it for the story, sound effects, visual effects, and many other factors. But latest technologies have improved the way in which graphics and other...
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Proximity detector circuit

admin February 14, 2012 9 Comments
NE567  tone decoder / PLL IC. NE567 is a tone decoder IC from Philips. The IC has a built in PLL circuit with AM lock detection and an output driver circuit. The main function of NE567 is to drive...
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Floating regulator

admin February 2, 2012 4 Comments
Floating regulator. Floating regulator is a type of voltage regulator that works without a real ground connection. This is a trick used for regulating voltages higher than the rated value. For example the typical output voltage range of LM723...
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PLL FM demodulator circuit

admin November 21, 2013 2 Comments
PLL FM demodulator. A simple PLL FM demodulator circuit using IC XR2212 is shown here. XR2212 is a highly stable, monolithic PLL (phase locked loop) IC specifically designed for communication and control system applications. The IC has 0.01 Hz...
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Types of Chopper Circuits

john July 27, 2017 12 Comments
In power electronics chopper circuits, unidirectional power semiconductors are used.  If these semiconductor devices are arranged appropriately, a chopper can work in any of the four quadrants. we can classify chopper circuits according to their working in any of these...
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PIC16F84A – Instruction Set (Continued)

Anish June 5, 2012 1 Comment
Having known about the byte oriented file register operation, only two categories are remaining – the bit oriented file register operations and the control operations. Bit-oriented file register operations: Here these instructions are used when a single bit needs...
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Next Generation 3D Holographic Displays

john January 27, 2012 1 Comment
The Hollywood film industry went to a whole new level after 3-D movies like James Cameron’s “Avatar” to the latest “Underworld Awakening”. The perspective of watching movies through a whole new dimension is believed to have brought movie fans...
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Choppers – A general introduction

Arun January 31, 2012 10 Comments
Choppers  A chopper is basically a dc to dc converter whose main function/usage is to create adjustable dc voltage from fixed dc voltage sources through the use of semiconductors. Types of choppers The main classification of the types of...
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