PIC16F84A – Instruction Set

Anish June 5, 2012 1 Comment
The instruction set of PIC16F84A has 35 instructions .These instructions are otherwise called Mnemonics. While introducing about the PIC16F84A till the hello world program,  7 instructions are introduced to you which were, BSF – bit...
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MOS – Controlled Thyristor (MCT)

john January 24, 2012 6 Comments
Out of many semiconductor controlled devices, MCT is considered to be the latest. The device is basically a thyristor with two MOSFET’s built into the gate structure. A MOSFET is used for turning ON the MCT and another one...
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PIC16F84A – The Hello World program.

Anish June 5, 2012 2 Comments
The previous posts about PIC16F84A explained about controlling the GPIO(General Purpose I/O) pins of the IC. Previously laid circuits explained only about how to switch on or off an LED. You just simply set the desired pin to output...
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Get Ready to Fire Laser From Your Body

john January 13, 2012 1 Comment
laser cell construction Cyclops, a superhero from the famous comics “X men” has been the favorite of many people across the world. In the story, the character produces powerful laser beams by optical blast from his eyes. This fiction...
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ISP Programmer for ATmega32 Microcontroller

Mathew Kevin July 10, 2017 61 Comments
So far I’ve discussed about the micro controller basics and the compiler software. I’ve yet not written anything about programming. ATmega32 series micro controllers support 3 types of programming   Parallel Programming   ISP Programming or serial Programming  ...
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AVR Studio 4 and 5-Overview for Beginners

Mathew Kevin July 10, 2017 No Comments
For general purpose computers, programs written in one programming language can support different hardware configurations. But things are different for microcontrollers.  Each family of micro controllers have its own unique type of hardware architecture, instruction sets, register configuration and...
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PIC16F84A – Working with Inputs

Anish June 5, 2012 2 Comments
I hope everyone who read the post about programming the PIC16F84A will now be savvy with downloading the program to the controller, and also check the working of the controller. In the previous post, we discussed about producing an...
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2012 Welcomes 3D Transistors!!

john January 3, 2012 4 Comments
3D Transistor A transistor is the fundamental building block of all electronic devices.  .  A transistor can be defined as a device, which is used to amplify signals and power. Integrated circuits are used in making of chips inside...
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Stealth Paint to Make Airplane Invisible

john December 28, 2011 3 Comments
Carbon Nanotube Coating Radar detection has always been the nightmare of military aircrafts. Once spotted in the radar zone, it is easy to destroy the aircraft in mid air by using anti-aircraft missiles. Defense personnel’s across the world are...
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john July 27, 2017 55 Comments
Most of the electronic circuits used in Circuitstoday.com have different applications of the transformer. Therefore, it is important to know the working principle, construction and types of transformers used in different analog circuits. Transformer – Working Principle A transformer...
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Next Generation GPS Satellites

john December 24, 2011 2 Comments
 Global Positioning System (GPS) is accessible to almost everyone by the introduction of smart phones. We can know our position and can locate any place by using satellites. Currently, the device has some limitations, as if GPS is not...
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LED driver IC

admin December 22, 2011 13 Comments
MP3302 MP3302 is a boost converter IC specifically designed for LED drive applications. The MP3302 can drive 27 LEDs (9 strings of 3 white LEDs in series) from a Lithium ion battery. The IC has internal power MOSFETs for...
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LED driver circuit

admin December 21, 2011 3 Comments
CAT3603. CAT3603 is a three channel charge pump LED driver IC from Catalyst Semiconductors that can be operated in either LDO mode or fractional mode. The IC can deliver 30mA per channel and can be operated from an input...
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8051 Addressing modes

jojo December 22, 2011 38 Comments
Lets begin this article with a simple question. “What is an addressing mode ?“. A simple question always has a simple answer too. Addressing mode is a way to address an operand.  Operand means the data we are operating...
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Embedded Systems – An Introduction

Anish December 19, 2011 7 Comments
Hi everyone, We are introducing a new author to CircuitsToday 🙂 Well, here meet Anish.K, a student in engineering from Anna university. He will cover topics on Embedded systems and Robotics mainly. You can read about Anish in his...
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