Diode Clippers – Applications

john February 21, 2011 1 Comment
Application of Diode Clipper In this article, all the applications of diode clipper is explained in detail. Related Articles CLIPPING CIRCUITS DIODE CLIPPERS TRANSISTOR CLIPPING CIRCUITS DIODE CLAMPING CIRCUITS There are numerous applications for diode clippers. They find wide...
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Clipping Circuits

john February 21, 2011 6 Comments
Clipping Circuits This article defines the basics of Clipper Circuit, classifications according to the devices used, biasing, configuration, level used and so on. Related Articles TRANSISTOR CLIPPING CIRCUITS DIODE CLIPPERS DIODE CLIPPERS – APPLICATIONS DIODE CLAMPING CIRCUITS Clipping circuit...
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Sweep Frequency Generator

john March 28, 2011 3 Comments
Sweep-Frequency Generator The working of a sweep-frequency generator is explained in the article below. The working and block diagram of an electronically tuned sweep frequency generator and its different parameters are also explained. Related Article SIGNAL GENERATORS A sweep...
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Signal Generators

john February 22, 2011 1 Comment
Signal Generators In this article, the detailed explanation of a signal generator is given. The principles of signal modulation, the block diagram of an AM signal generator and the measures needed to achieve a stable frequency output is explained...
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Selection Of An Oscillator

john March 28, 2011 No Comments
RELATED ARTICLE VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR (VCO) SWEEP-FREQUENCY GENERATOR BEAT FREQUENCY OSCILLATOR (BFO) WIEN BRIDGE OSCILLATOR PHASE SHIFT OSCILLATOR Here are the parameters that are to be noted while selecting an oscillator for a particular application. Frequency Range. The oscillator...
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Negative Resistance Oscillators

john March 28, 2011 2 Comments
In this article, the working of a negative resistance oscillator is explained along with its types-dynatron and tunnel diode oscillator. The tunnel diode oscillator characteristics and circuit is also explained in detail. Related Articles VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR (VCO) SWEEP-FREQUENCY...
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Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO)

john March 4, 2011 2 Comments
Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) Related Articles OSCILLATOR OPERATION TUNED BASE OSCILLATOR PHASE SHIFT OSCILLATOR COLPITTS OSCILLATOR Use the link OSCILLATORS to see all the articles including the working of oscillators, frequency stability, types and so on. The beat frequency...
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Wien Bridge Oscillator

john August 14, 2017 20 Comments
Wein Bridge Oscillator is one of the mosttypesular type of oscillators used in audio and sub-audio frequency ranges (20 – 20 kHz). This type of oscillator is simple in design, compact in size, and remarkably stable in its frequency...
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Transistor Phase Shift Oscillator

jojo January 29, 2014 3 Comments
RC Phase shift oscillator. RC phase shift oscillator or simply RC oscillator is a type of oscillator where a simple RC network (resistor-capacitor) network is used for giving the required phase shift to the feedback signal. In LC oscillators...
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Phase Shift Oscillator

jojo March 28, 2011 1 Comment
  We select the so called phase shift oscillator  as a first example as it exemplifies very simply the principles set forth in the previous blog post. The circuit is drawn to show clearly the amplifier and feedback network. The...
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Audio Oscillators

jojo March 28, 2011 1 Comment
An introduction to Audio Oscillators also known as RC Oscillators So far, we have considered the oscillators which use L-C tuned circuit that causes a phase shift of 180° due to inductive or capacitive coupling in addition to a...
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Crystal Oscillator

jojo March 28, 2011 3 Comments
In crystal oscillators, the usual electrical resonant circuit is replaced by a mechanically vi­brating crystal. The crystal (usually quartz) has a high degree of stability in holding con­stant at whatever frequency the crystal is originally cut to operate. The...
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Hartley Oscillator

jojo February 4, 2014 9 Comments
Hartley oscillator circuit. Hartley oscillator was invented in 1915 by the american engineer Ralph Hartley while he was working for the Western Electric company. The original design was tube based and he got a patent for it in the...
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Clapp Oscillator

jojo March 28, 2011 No Comments
  The Clapp oscillator shown in figure. is a refinement of the Colpitt’s oscillator. The single inductor found in the Colpitt’s oscillator is replaced by a series L-C combination. Addition of capacitor Ca in series with L improves the...
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1500+ Subscribers for CircuitsToday.com

jojo October 12, 2009 2 Comments
We are very glad to announce that our E-Mail subscribers count crossed 1500 today and is increasing at a good pace. We thank every electronic enthusiasts and we dedicate this moment to each and every people who visited CircuitsToday and...
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Colpitts Oscillator

jojo February 4, 2014 5 Comments
Colpitts Oscillator. Colpitts oscillator was invented by American scientist Edwin Colpitts in 1918. It is another type of sinusoidal LC oscillator which has a lot of applications. The Colpitts oscillator can be realized using valves, transistors, FETs or op-amp....
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Tuned Base Oscillator

jojo February 4, 2014 No Comments
Tuned base oscillator. Tune base oscillator is another type of transistor based LC oscillator where the tuned circuit (tank circuit)  is placed between the base and ground of the transistor. The tuned base oscillator is also called “Armstrong oscillator”...
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Tuned Collector Oscillator

jojo February 4, 2014 4 Comments
Tuned collector oscillator. Tuned collector oscillation is a type of transistor LC oscillator where the tuned circuit (tank) consists of a  transformer and a capacitor is connected in the collector circuit of the transistor. Tuned collector oscillator is of...
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LC Oscillators and Types

jojo February 4, 2014 1 Comment
LC oscillators. LC oscillator is a type of oscillator where a LC (inductor-capacitor) tank circuit is used for giving the required positive feedback for sustaining the oscillations. The LC tank circuit is also termed as LC resonant circuit or...
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Transistor Oscillators

jojo March 28, 2011 2 Comments
Essentials of Transistor Oscillators An oscillator must have the following three elements Oscillatory circuit or element. Amplifier. Feedback network. The oscillatory circuit or element, also called the tank circuit, consists of an inductive coil of inductance L connected in...
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Oscillator Operation

jojo March 4, 2011 2 Comments
How an oscillator operates ? Related Articles BASIC OSCILLATORY CIRCUITS TRANSISTOR PHASE SHIFT OSCILLATOR NEGATIVE RESISTANCE OSCILLATORS HARTLEY OSCILLATOR To know the basics of oscillators, its frequency stability, types of oscillations, different types of oscillators and so on, use...
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Frequency Stability of Oscillators

jojo March 2, 2011 No Comments
Related Posts OSCILLATOR OPERATION BASIC OSCILLATORY CIRCUITS CLAPP OSCILLATOR WIEN BRIDGE BRIDGE OSCILLATOR LC OSCILLATORS AND TYPES Even if an oscillator is set at an initial frequency, it cannot be maintained throughout. They keep on changing either in a...
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Basic Oscillatory Circuits

jojo March 3, 2011 No Comments
Related Posts DAMPED AND UNDAMPED OSCILLATIONS OSCILLATOR OPERATION TUNED BASE OSCILLATOR COLPITT’S OSCILLATOR CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR Basic Oscillator Circuit The oscillatory circuit, also called the L-C circuit or tank circuit, consists of an inductive coil of inductance L connected in...
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Types of Oscillations

jojo March 28, 2011 2 Comments
This article has two sections: One discusses criteria for selecting an oscillator while other one discusses various types of oscillations. 1. Selection of an Oscillator 2. Types of Oscillations Criteria for Selection of an Oscillator Here are the parameters...
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