Temperature logger using arduino

praveen May 20, 2014 4 Comments
Simple temperature logger using arduino (°C & °F). This project is about a simple USB temperature logging system using arduino uno and the serial monitor function in the arduino IDE. The system monitors the temperature every 2 seconds and shows it on the arduino serial monitor. The temperature is shown in °Celsius  and °Fahrenheit. The system is interfaced to the PC through the USB port. LM35 is used as the temperature sensor. LM35 is three terminal linear temperature sensor from National semiconductors....
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Ultrasonic range finder using arduino

praveen June 19, 2014 7 Comments
Ultrasonic range finder using arduino. Ultrasonic range finder using 8051 mictrocontroller has been already published by me in this website. This time it is an ultrasonic range finder using arduino. HC-SR04 ultrasonic range finder module is used as the sensor here. The display consists of a three digit multiplexed seven segment display. This range finder can measure up to 200 cm and has an accuracy of 1cm. There is an option for displaying the distance in inch also. Typical...
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Voltmeter using arduino

praveen June 19, 2014 9 Comments
0-5V voltmeter using arduino. This article is about a simple 3 digit voltmeter using arduino. The circuit can measure anything between 0 to 5V at an accuracy of 50mV. The circuit uses minimum number of external components and can be easily modified for different voltage ranges. The display device is a common anode multiplexed seven segment LED display module (Type No:E1-3056ASR1). Let’s have a look at the display device first. E1-3056ASR1. It is a low cost multiplexed 3 digit...
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PWM Control using Arduino – Learn to Control DC Motor Speed and LED Brightness

praveen April 22, 2014 6 Comments
In this article we explain how to do PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control using arduino. If you are new to electronics, we have a detailed article explaining pulse width modulation. We have explained PWM in this tutorial using 2 examples which will help you learn how to control LED brightness using PWM and how to control DC motor speed using PWM. PWM control using arduino. PWM control is a very commonly used method for controlling the power across loads....
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Draw Your Circuits and Simulate them Online for Free using EasyEDA

jojo April 14, 2014 8 Comments
We have listed many free and paid PCB drawing software’s and simulation tools before. In this article, we are reviewing an online web based PCB schematic and simulation tool named EasyEDA. We have explained how to begin with the tool and in the process of explanation, we have shown how to draw the schematic of our popular circuit of 150 Watt Amplifier. So lets begin. EasyEDA is a free web based EDA tool suite, integrating schematic capture, mixed-mode circuit simulation and...
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Line Follower Robot using Arduino

praveen August 13, 2017 37 Comments
Line Follower Robot using Arduino – DIY Electronic Project A line follower robot using 8051 microcontroller is already published here and this time the same thing is done using  arduino. This line follower robot is basically designed to follow a black line on a white surface. Any way the same project can be used to follow the opposite configuration with appropriate changes in the software. The entire hardware of this simple line follower robot using arduino can be divided...
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Simple LED Projects using Arduino

jojo April 4, 2014 3 Comments
This article is another step forward in learning more about Arduino.  In our previous article, I have written in detail about blinking an LED using Arduino. We have demonstrated 5 simple led based projects using arduino, which will help you to learn its basic concepts. 1. Blinking Two LED’s using arduino 2. Control LED using a Push button switch 3. Toggle an LED using Push button switch 4. Toggle 2 LED’s using a Push button switch   1. Blinking...
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Books to Learn PIC Microcontroller Basics – For Beginners

john March 31, 2014 No Comments
There are many who are trying to advance in the field of microcontrollers, and the best way to do this is by understanding the basics of PIC (Programmable Interface Controller). This microcontroller is known for its wide application in modern electronics. Especially, when such a microcontroller is known to integrate all types of advanced interfacing ports and memory modules. CircuitsToday is listing some books that will help our readers to get a better understanding of the basics of PIC,...
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Blink LED with Arduino – say Hello World

jojo March 28, 2014 No Comments
When we learn a new programming language in computer science (say C, PHP or Java), we begin the learning curve with the classic “Hello World” program.  We learn some essential keywords used in the programming language, then we learn the structure of the language and finally we begin to play with the language by making it display the two words “hello world” in our computer screen. So that’s how we begin to learn a programming language used to build...
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Story and History of Development of Arduino

john March 26, 2014 No Comments
It was in the year 2005 that the first ever Arduino board was born in the classrooms of the Interactive Design Institute in Ivrea, Italy. Well, if you are not very familiar with the term, an Arduino is an Open Source microcontroller based development board  that has opened the doors of electronics to a number of designers and creative engineers. It was in the Interactive Design Institute that a hardware thesis was contributed for a wiring design by a...
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What is Arduino – Introduction to Arduino for Beginners

jojo March 21, 2014 2 Comments
In this article, we explain the basics surrounding arduino. As the title indicates, this article is for absolute beginners in the world of electronics and for people who are beginning with arduino boards. Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform based on a micro controller. Arduino boards are usually made using Atmel’s Atmega series micro controllers or ARM micro controllers. Arduino is an open source hardware project which means the designs of board (the hardware architecture, CAD files) are available...
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4 Good Arduino Project Books – Review of 4 Books on Arduino Projects

john April 3, 2014 No Comments
Arduino has now become a strong platform for creating and developing various open-source hobbyist electronic projects. Its relative ease of use, versatility, and the unbeatable price have all made Arduino into the prototyping board of choice for many home-brew electronic enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we review 4 of the best arduino project books available till date. We have already listed 4 books to learn the basics of Arduino. If you are looking out for a practical and a...
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Resistor Color Code Chart – Understanding Resistance Color Coding

jojo March 20, 2014 2 Comments
“Color coding” is used in electronics to identify between different components. In the case of resistors, color coding is used to identify a specific resistance value, for example a 100 ohms resistor or a 1 kilo ohms resistor with 5% tolerance. Electronic components like resistors are very small in size and its difficult to print its value directly on to the component surface. Hence a standard was formed in 1920 by then Radio Manufacturers Association (now part of EIA...
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3 Books to Learn Arduino – Review of the Best Arduino Books

john March 20, 2014 3 Comments
In this article, we provide you review of 3 popular books that can provide you good knowledge in Arduino platform. These books give all the basics needed in electronics as well as programming. Simple as well as complicated projects are also provided with detailed explanation and codes so that the reader can get some application level skills as well. These books are ideal for the novice as well as expert in electronics, who would like to begin playing with...
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Online Tool to Calculate Resistor Color Code – The Story Behind Scenes

jojo March 13, 2014 7 Comments
We have been working on an online application to calculate resistor color codes for the past 2 weeks. If you were subscribed to our Facebook Feed, you might already have tried the tool. We got really good feedback about the tool from people who have tried it. If you have not tried the tool yet, here is the link to access the tool – Resistor Color Code Calculator. Why one more tool ? We know there are many tools...
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3 Good Books to Learn Power Electronics

john March 20, 2014 No Comments
Power electronics is the most classified field in electronics where the switching process in power supplies, power converters, inverters, and motor drivers are carried out. A wide application of different electronic components like Diodes, Transistors, MOSFET’s, Thyristors, SCR, GTO, and many more are used. CircuitsToday has provided a lot of valuable contents to get a better idea on the basics of power electronics. But, for engineering students, and other who take this subject for higher studies, it is always...
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4 Books to Study Digital Electronics

john March 20, 2014 3 Comments
From laptops to mobiles and cars to kitchen appliances, human efforts have been significantly reduced by the introduction of digital devices. As a student, it is essential for all of us to know the basics of digital electronics. CircuitsToday has provided a list of 4 very good books in this subject. It is being used by universities all around the world for basic reference as well as advanced studies. All these books have been reviewed in detail, and the...
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Line follower robot using 8051 microcontroller

admin January 28, 2018 23 Comments
Line follower robot using 8051 Line follower robots were one of the earliest automatic guided robots. They are able to follow a line marked on a contrasting background, usually a black line on a white surface or a white line on a black surface. Usually, the line follower robot works on a closed loop feedback algorithm where the feedback from the line sensor is used by the controller for correcting the path of the robot. The sensors are usually...
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Invention History of Television

john December 12, 2013 1 Comment
Popularly called the “idiot box,” the television has become a vital part of our lives. Can you remember the days when there wasn’t a television set at your home? But, when and how was the television invented? Who was the brain behind this magnificent invention? Well, the history of invention of the television can be contributed to many great minds. In fact, it was not just a single idea that came to the fore, but a combination of inventions...
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The Invention Story of Barcodes

john December 11, 2013 No Comments
Without the application of barcodes, sales at stores would have been a very tedious process. The bar codes help a lot in effectively keeping an eye over the sold out items in a store. The brain behind the invention of barcodes should certainly be a ‘business’ mind. Well let us have a peep into the history of invention of barcodes. To start with, it is important to know what a barcode is. Barcodes represent the object to which it...
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Invention History of the Telephone and the Controversies

john December 10, 2013 No Comments
The wonderful invention of the telephone is the result of work done by a number of individuals, the history of which involves a collection of claims and counterclaims. The ultimate development of the modern electrical telephone involved a range of lawsuits founded upon the patent claims of quite a few individuals and a lot of companies. The invention history of the modern telephone starts in the year 1844 from the conception of the idea of an electric voice transmission...
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The Story Behind the Invention of Field Effect Transistors

john December 10, 2013 3 Comments
No one can certainly imagine any electronic device without the presence of transistors. In that case, what was the idea behind the invention of transistors? Who were the people behind its invention and advancements? What was the real purpose behind the invention of field effect transistors? And how did it emerge? What are the current applications and advancements of these transistors? Have you ever wondered about these? If yes, then this write up will help you in knowing more...
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Invention Story of Mobile Phone

john November 28, 2013 4 Comments
Mobile phone, the most common gadget in the present era, is considered as the greatest gift to the mankind. Can you ever imagine life without this device? No wonder the mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. Of course, the origin of this gadget is as interesting as its use. Starting from bulky devices that were as long and heavy as one’s forearms to ultra thin and techno savvy handsets, the mobile phones have certainly covered...
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The Story Behind the Accidental Invention of X-Ray

john November 26, 2013 No Comments
When people go to a doctor for some pain or abnormality, the very first word the medical practitioner utters is ‘It is better to take an X-ray scan, because only then I can come to know the exact problem.” Well, have you ever wondered what X-rays are and who was the great mind behind this? Read further to have an elaborate view on the invention and inventors of the X-ray. Before getting to know about the history of invention,...
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The Invention History of Fuel Cells

john November 23, 2013 No Comments
Without energy, would anything exist in the world? Living organisms like you and me and the flora and the fauna require some form of energy to survive. A bike, car, motor, television, everything requires some energy to start up, accelerate and even to stop. Thus, form of energy required for the survival or for the sustainability is termed as the fuel energy. The fuel may be any form of energy. Say for example, the food we consume may be...
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