Remote controlled appliance switch circuit


Here is a versatile remote controlled appliance switch that can ON or OFF any appliance connected to it using a TV remote.

 IR remote sensor IC TSOP 1738 is used for recieving the signal. Normally when no signal is falling on IC3 the output of it will be high.This makes Q1 OFF.When a signal of 38 KHz from the TV remote falls on the IC3 its output goes low.This makes Q1 conduct and a negative pulse is obtained at pin 2 of IC 1  NE 555.Due to this IC1 wired as a monostable multivibrator produces a 4 Sec  long high signal at its out put.This high out put is the clock for IC 2 which is wired as a Flipflop and of , its two outputs pin 3 goes low and pin 2 goes high.The high output at pin 2 is amplified to drive the relay .For the next signal  the outputs of IC2 toggles state. Result, we get a relay toggling on each press on the remote.Any appliance connected to this circuit can be switched ON or OFF.

Circuit Diagram with Parts List .


  • Before wiring the circuit make sure that the carrier frequency  of the TV remote you have is 38 KHz.For that wire the sensor part only ,point your remote to the TSOP1738 and press any switch.If  out put of TSOP1738  goes  low them ok, your remote is of 38Khz type.Nothing to worry almost all TV remote are of this type.
  • You can use any switch because for any switch the code only changes,the carrier frequency remains same.We need this carrier frequency only.
  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board.
  • The appliance can be connected through NO or NC  and contacts of the relay .
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107 thoughts on “Remote controlled appliance switch circuit

  1. James

    please can this circuit be powered with 9v battery?
    if yes, can you give me your contact so that i get help in building the circuit.
    i am building a circuit which i can use to control an animal cage by using a remote i hhave tried different circuit but i still cannot get enough output to power the relay.

    • Seetharaman

      You can connect 6volt 100 mA relays 3 nos in parallel. You can use the single relay’s NO contact to switch any number of relays in parallel.

  2. anjali

    thankyou for the circuit.its working very well.we need to control the appliance with a single button on the remote.can anyone plz help us…our exhibition dates are approaching

  3. Prajapati ketan

    Sir, i want to design remote controlled home appliance ckt but in this circuit which type of relay used?i mean spdt or other and how many terminal of that relay? And at which terminals home appliance to be connected and which terminal circuit connected ? Plz sir give me detail abot relay and also abot IR same as that relay

  4. Rex

    Setharaman, i have (2) questions, (1) how can i wire this circuit to have 2 channels, or 4 channels. (2) How can i change the frequency of this circuit to enable it respond to other frequencies apart from the 38khz TV Remote transmitter

    • Seetharaman

      Hi Rex minimum is 6 volts and maximum is 12 volts ensure relay is rated for the supplied voltage.
      Hi Muiz no software used only hard wiring of components and checking for practical reliable operation

  5. Rex

    Seetharaman, thank you very much, i have built this circuit. It is working very fine… But i have (2) problems:- (1) how can i reduce the 4sec long signal produce by the monostable NE555 to just (one) 1sec or even less than? (2) what is the minimum and the maximum power i can give to the circuit.. and what are the current ratings?

  6. Rex

    Setharaman, thank you very much, i have built this circuit, and is working fine… but one problem am having is the 4 sec long high signal produce by the NE555. It delays too much How can i reduce the 4 sec to 1 sec or even lower.

  7. Rex

    Seetharaman, i noticed something in this circuit, 10k resistor need to be connected between base and emitter of transistor (Q1), because the Remote tester circuit in this site, has 10k resistor in between base and emitter, why is this one not having 10k resistor? Will this circuit work, have you tried it before?

    • Seetharaman

      Hi Rex In Tester the signal is taken from collector and in the above is taken from emitter. As per datasheet the condition for this IC is “The output voltage should not be hold continuously at a voltage below 3.3V by the external circuit”. Hence it is not required for the above circuit.

  8. Dr Chandan Parashar

    I am not getting 1738 at my place. Can I Use 1838 instead. is the pin configuration of both same.
    Please reply

    • Manish Mallick

      since, the sensor of all circuit board are different there for we can’t use the another remote control…..

  9. chris

    i have used this circuit for 7 years for light circuit and still run perfect. All you need is a stabiole power source.

    • Dr Chandan Parashar

      all depends on your Relay rating.
      Usually in India 6V relay will be of upto 5A rating. The heater 1KW will draw upto 6A. Hence, I will not recommend it for switching the heater.

  10. Benjamin

    I’ much interested in building this circuit, but the parts aren’t so easy to come by in my country.
    Do u have any advice to how I can get these parts

  11. Saurabh

    heyy admin,
    this one is cool

    but if i want to make an ir remote controlled switch board for more than one on/off appliances using a microcontroller, then in that case could you please provide me with the circuit diagram of that.
    and necessary details of that

  12. seetharaman

    Hi Abdul the 6volts relay contacts are rated for 220Volt AC and for rated current see the relay contact ratings or use a 6 volts relay wih required contact voltage and current rating.

  13. seetharaman

    Hi Hemanth use the common and Normally open contact of the relay to operate any off/on control of any equipment.

  14. seetharaman

    Hi Javid 1 to 1.5mm bit can beused. Use 12 volt relay increase the supply to 12 volts DC add a 560 ohms 1/4 between supply at the relay point to IC2 Pin16 in the positive rail. This will take care of the rest of the circuits

  15. Javid ali

    I want a kind help pleas. I don’t get 6V relay any where. I got only 12V relay. What i do. No much time for my combetition.

  16. Javid ali

    I want to make a PCB by KCl3.what r the terms followed?
    Plz help me by giving definition/giving web site address.

  17. Javid ali

    Hai… I lik to make this circuit for a combetition. But i have no 620 ohm resistance. May i use 220 ohm,390 ohm & 10 ohm in series?

  18. seetharaman

    Hi Visus Please note for 1838 1 is output 3 is supply and 2 is common. Kindly rewire as above it will become alright.

  19. visus

    hye ! I m using tsop 1838 an when i press tv remote switch ,d output goes to 3.94 v frm 4.9 , cn i use this in this crcuit n if not what actually is active low output of pin 3 frm tsop 1738 when ir is sensed

  20. seetharaman

    Hi Maaniq you can use your ir remote with the above circuit. with the relay contacy you can switch on / off any appliance within the rated capacity of its contacts(relay).

  21. Maaniq

    @seetharaman and all., i have two questions., can u plz resolve for me…..?
    1.can i use 38 khz remote transmitter for sony IR-D15A….?
    2.can i control my home appliances like fan or light ? BY driving a relay with the output of IR-D15A., will it drive a relay? 5v SPDT relay., so tat i can control my home appliances?
    plz reply ……. 🙂

  22. admin Post author

    i made a small modifcation to this circuit. Diode D4 is added so that the parts of the circuit other than the IC3 donot load the zener diode.

  23. Saravanan

    i gave connection as per circuit diagram…
    but my zener diode is heating….and LED 1 is not glowing,while LED 2 is glowing,
    and no output,
    plz help to solve my problem guys..

  24. StudentCRO

    This is what I got for my school project and we must make it in PROTEL design system (1994) so anyone got this draw on that program and possible to send me file? thx

  25. rakesh


    it is possible to celling fan which is to be used in home appliances can you say that this circuit is applicable or not if it is not possible then send a appropriate circut for remote control celling fan thanking you


  26. Imteaz

    To Seetharaman,
    Thanks for the tips. By solving false triggering problem this circuit may be used for multipurpose switching.

  27. shreya

    Hi seetharaman
    subject: 100watt sub-woofer
    i shorted R9 & R10 the temperature of transistors decreased but Q7 is getting hotter than Q5 why ?

  28. seetharaman

    Hi Imteaz you can connect 100uF and a reverse biased diode in parallel with relay coil K1, this should solve your problem as the back EMF from relay coil is false triggering your IC.

  29. Imteaz

    I was trying to make a touch switch by 555 and 4017. But when I used relay i faced false triggering of 4017. Is this circuit free from false triggering?

  30. jay

    can i connect light,fan,refregirator to this single circuit and operate.
    if we cannot what is the alternative to operate all the house hold elements.
    some body please help me in making a house hold appliances circuit.

    • admin Post author

      the load that can be connected to this circuit depends on the current capacity of the relay that you are using.
      You can get only one switching action from this circuit.More that one devices cannot be independently switched.

  31. Vicky

    its is working i have made this but the main problem iam facing is that when i apply voltage to the circuit it energises the relas mean it gets triggered every but its working i want to remove this triggering on power apply help me plz

  32. Arifuddin

    I made this circuit. Its 100% working. But it is a complicated one. I designed my circuit slightly changing the above one which is very easy to make and working. contact me at
    for the schematic. hope you all like it.. 🙂


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