The circuit given below is of a simple audio amplifier that can deliver 12W to an 8 Ohm speaker. Op amp IC TL081 is used as the preamplifier here. Actually any opamp with matching power supply ratings can be used instead of TL081.Transistors Q1 and Q2 (TIP125 and TIP120) comprises the power amplifier stage. Output is taken from the collector junction of two transistors.

Circuit diagram.



  • The circuit can be assembled on a Vero board.
  • Heat sinks are recommended for the transistors.
  • A +15V/-15V dual DC power supply can be used to power the circuit.
  • It is better to mount IC1 on a holder.


  1. Hi guys, I have one question, please answer me: How do I get that -12V on op amp? I have 12V adapter, but I don’t understand how do I get that -12V to pin 4? Do I need one more adapter? Please help, thanks.

    • connect the -ve terminal of your battery to 4th terminal of op amp via the resistor…

  2. hi guys …i make it on breadboard but it is not working kindly tell what is problem in it?

  3. kuntal karmakar

    i am a new viewer of you. actually i am looking for a good sound quality(like buffer) amplifier, for listing music from my phone.would you plz help me my mail id is

  4. Hi!I have a project to to,a 12Watt audio amp.But I need a 30Kohm input resistance and 2ohm load resistance.The imput voltage being 1uV.Can you help me with an electric diagram?Thank you!

  5. what would be the estimated cost of the 10k pot(R9)?

    i want to know about connection of the terminals of capacitors i.e which terminal is connected where(positive and negetive)?

  6. why are my speaker buzzing when i building this amplifier.?????

  7. hi seetharaman…i always see your post here CT…can i ask something?do you have circuit of wireless headphone?please teach me for that diagram please i really need that project.thank you..hope you can send me a circuit,THANK you!

  8. seetharaman

    Hi Andy yes. the line output / ear phone out put of the tv can be fed to this amplifier and you can connect the amplifier output to two speakers of 4 ohms in series to maintain 8 ohms load.

  9. can I use this to connect a pair of speakers to my tv?