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313 Responses to “Suggest a Topic to Publish & Win a 8GB Pen Drive”

  • ankur dhiman says:

    Would u like to make a rf remote controlled home appliance using 8051

  • taher says:

    why don’t we create a circuit that can absorb sound and convert to electrical energy

  • T. Sambasiva Rao says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Can you please publish a circuit that can connect pen drive (to play MP3 songs)to a car amplifier either directly or through FM modulation? I have searched all your circuits for this, but in vain. I have previously requested for publishing a power supply circuit and so far I did not see any. I would also like to know how much time would it take to publish a circuit after the request is made.


  • Audiofreak26 says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can anyone guide me through the working principle of a Audio DSP (Digital Signal Processor)circuit. How the audio signal is actually divided into 6 different tracks through different components to make it specific for 5.1 DSP operations which makes it a useful for a 5.1 Home Theatre system and same for 7.1, 7.2, 9.1, 9.2 Home theatre setups.

    I will be really helpful if you can provide a basic circuit with positive and negative sides.

    Thanks to all in advance…….


  • give me an idea about an automatic students attendance recorder

  • “Video surveillance system with network camera using ARM7 & Mobile phone” project is post in this link of website please go through it OK.

  • keyur says:

    Plz suggest a circuit for studio monitor speakers works parts n assemble circuit

  • Aniket says:

    I am trying to make my house water pump/motor to be automated by 24 hrs clock with simple non controller (805* or else ) base automated circuits is there any IC or circuit ( for 24 hrs & programmable delay to be change )


    wireless robot having 300 meter range

  • hello there, from time to time when I first check out this website I get immediately redirected to a different page which would seem very weird. You might want to have a look at why this is going on! Thanks

  • Ajith.R says:

    How touch screen work?

  • Binoy salinda says:

    Best,more then every one

  • Chetan P. Patil says:

    A circuit in headlights in four weelers vehicles which changes it’s light density with change in light density which out side on the vehicle using light dimmer circuit.

  • Rich S. says:

    Automated SMS system. Text is sent automatically when an alarm is triggered.

  • Jaisin jacob says:

    Automatic braking system.when an obstacles in front of a vehicle it brake automatically.

  • T. Sambasiva Rao says:

    Please publish a circuit that can provide 12V @ 3/5A supply direct from the Mains without any transformer.

  • rohin says:

    circuitstoday is doing a nice job.i want to help those who are novice in electronics but interested.i made 100w sub woofer amp layout plz tell me how you can published it.thankyou

  • J.K.Srinivasan says:

    I suggest these to help technician.
    1.dvd player repairing,2.sine wave ups circuits&servicing etc.

  • T. Sambasiva Rao says:

    With the present rates of Copper and Iron, the cost of transformers has gone up steeply. I would, therefore, suggest that, even for the audio amplifiers, there should be power supply circuits of different voltages and current ratings that would work direct from the mains supply of 230V AC and without any transformer. I am suggesting this because I did not find these anywhere.

    In any case, I would like to have one simple and rugged power supply circuit of 12V @5A without any transformer for my personal use.

  • Nagarajan says:

    i would like to suggest a project, SINGLE PHASING PREVENTER

  • Aminu bello says:

    I will like to suggest a project on wireless router.

  • ROBERT says:

    TAKE THIS IDEA FOR SUGGESTION GSM Controlled Robot (with project report)

  • ROBERT says:


  • ROBERT says:

    I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST THIS PROJECT TO U SIR. Door lock system using seven segment display (Assembly)

  • Sahil says:

    YOu should add the latest technologies over here like organic electronics( foldable semiconductors).

  • EZE ROBERT says:

    All thses in Assembly language I SUJEST THAT U GUYES SHOULD WRITE ON HOW ADC0804 CAN BE INTERFACED WITH AT89C52 TO FORM DIGITAL VOLTMETER THAT wil replace the ANALOG VOLTAGE USE IN INVERTER. ALSO LET IT BE THE TYPE THAT MAKE USE OF THREE 7-SEVEN DISPLAY (i.e 220V). Digital code lock, How to interface MT8870 with 8051 IC and How to use it to switch car off by using handset as the remote control.

  • EZE ROBERT says:

    I SUJEST THAT U GUYES SHOULD WRITE ON HOW ADC0804 CAN BE INTERFACED WITH AT89C52 TO FORM DIGITAL VOLTMETER THAT wil replace the ANALOG VOLTAGE USE IN INVERTER. ALSO LET IT BE THE TYPE THAT MAKE USE OF THREE 7-SEVEN DISPLAY (i.e 220V). Digital code lock, How to interface MT8870 with 8051 IC and How to use it to switch car off by using handset as the remote control.

  • Vikas B says:

    Led direction indicator

  • Pablo Picaso says:

    SOLAR charger for batteries in series of lithium 4.2 + 4.2 = 8, 4v + 3, 7v = 12, 1V–of 3800mA each.
    In two series 12, 1v 7600mA
    Cargador SOLAR para pilas en serie de litio 4,2+ 4,2= 8,4v + 3,7v =12,1V —-de 3800mA cada una.
    En dos series 12,1v 7600mA

  • Pablo Picaso says:

    Solar charger for batteries in lithium series 4.2 4,28,4v 3 .7V 12, 1v–of 3800mA each.
    In two series 12, 1v 7600mA
    Cargador solar, para pilas en serie de litio 4,2 4,28,4v 3,7v 12,1v —-de 3800mA cada una.
    En dos series 12,1v 7600mA

  • Pablo Picaso says:

    Cargador para pilas en serie de litio 4,2 + 4,2=8,4v +3,7v = 12,1v —-de 3800mA cada una

  • I need a 12 volts battery operated soldering iron that will be very durable and still retains battery life for about 10 hours. This can help us solder our electronic components in the absence of mains power supply, generator, inverter and any one of their kind.

  • Sparsh says:

    I need a multiple used portable small player which can be used as a MP3 player and also video and in that we can connect to the TV to watch a video into TV and the player size must be very small and also can be used in 5.1 or more channel which can be support up-to the 32GB and with a small display and a spy camera it must be 3.0 MP and also it can be used by an remote and with that an mini amplifier which can convert 250V into 5-12V and it battery must be work up-to 10-12 HOUR.

  • sneha says:

    i need a circuit that recharge the battery automatically when it falls below a certain level say 50% by either amplifying the available voltage or using electron multiplier ,voltage doubler circuit ,without using AC supply again. this can be applied in our laptop or mobilephone so that there is no need of carrying charger everytime.

  • tarun varma says:

    laser torch based voice transmission

  • Jason says:

    Interfacing alphanumeric LCD with DSP microprocessor including software and hardware interface and source codes

  • Manjunath says:

    Hello. Sir pls give ckt diagram for transformer vtg indicator with 7 segment disply

  • Mayank G. Sakariya says:

    when student in college ..they switch off computers without complete shut down process…so computer will damages ….
    so,, my idea is ” make a ckt in which it indicate when student switch off pc directly” ….
    so that time student got punishment …and that’s way student got good habit ………….

    it’s my idea ..i have not any ckt related to it…

    thanx byeee..

  • Milaan panda says:

    ****publish a genertor circuits…using dc motor…&..this will be use 4 battry charging.

  • Ariel says:

    220v/110v step-down transformer
    110v/220v step-up transformer

  • Ankit Bansal says:

    led motion message clock

  • Please Publish simple “Line Follower Robot” & “Obstacle Avoider Robot” & “Fire Fighter Robot” with circuit diagrams , source codes, Etc. It’s really useful for Robotics beginners….!!!

  • Phone call Charges are going up. So we can publish a circuit diagram of a devise, working with radio signals which can be used as a mobile walkie talkie or a personal phone with long range. So many people are looking for this result in so many search engines long time. This will be very helpful for them.

  • Finbarr says:

    I reamain ernestly gr8full….. One thing disturbs me, which I will get over it now. I suggest a circuit diagram for a traffic-ligth control system…….. THANKS

  • Anupam Mishra says:

    Request you to publish a solid state Converter (220ac to 110ac.
    Load should be universal ( Inductive,resestive or reactive).
    I want to use load as Hand mixi 110VAC/220W on 220VAC.

  • Nikhil MK says:

    Daily energy usage using 7 segment display

  • Carl Sanderson says:

    Suggested Topic: Electronic Circuit Simulation.

    I suggest that you write an article about CircuitLogix laboratory simulation software. It is a terrific product and has versions for both students and professionals. The URL for the software is

    Best regards,


  • Jim Tassin says:

    Place the electrodes on the knuckles instead, have it activated when a punch makes contact.

  • vipin sharma says:

    Auto reversible circuits

  • HARSH ARORA says:

    Hi, This is Harsh Arora, want to suggest a topic to publish “Cell Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions”.

    India Population –
    1.2 billion

    Mobile Towers –
    4.5 lakh

    Mobile subscribers –
    800+ Million

    Microwave radiation effects are classified as:



    The current exposure safety standards are mainly based on the thermal effects, which are inadequate.

    Non-thermal effects are several times more
    harmful than thermal effects.

    Microwave Heating Concept

    4.2 KW (4200 W) of microwave power raises temperature of 1 Litre of water by 10C in 1 second.

    In energy absorption term, 4.2 KW-sec microwave
    energy will increase the temperature of 1 Litre by 10C. For example, in a microwave oven, temperature of one cup of water increases from 300C to 1000C in approx.
    70 seconds with 500W of microwave power.

    With 1W power (same as output power of cell phones), temp. will increase by 10C in 500 seconds.

    Cell Phone – Ear Warming?

    Have you ever noticed warm sensation in ear after using mobile phone for a long time?

    Temp. of ear lobes increases by 10C when cell phone is used for approx. 20 minutes.

    Warm sensation/pain > tinnitus > irreversible hearing loss

    All these effects lead to Ear Tumor

    Tinnitus or “Ringxiety”- sensation of cell phone ring

    SAR and Cell phone use time limit

    A Cell phone transmits
    1 to 2 Watts of power

    SAR (Specific absorption rate) – Rate at which radiation is absorbed by human body, measured in watts per kg (W/kg).

    In USA, max. SAR limit for cell phones is 1.6W/Kg which is for
    6 minutes. It has a safety margin of 3 to 4, so a person should not use cell phone for more than 18 to 24 minutes per day.
    This information is not given to people in India.

    Warning from Blackberry

    Results of Re-evaluation of Interphone Study

    INTERPHONE – WHO -10 years, 13 countries, largest (5,117 brain tumor cases), $25 million dollars to evaluate risk on brain tumors. Conclusion – no overall A risk, but suggesBons of A glioma – heavy users & ipsilateral exposures

    Re-evaluation – Risk underestimated by at least 25%

    For every 100 hours of use -26% A risk of meningioma
    Initial 24% risk of glioma Ato 55% over 10 years- regular users are taken as people who use it for 2hrs/month.
    Doubled – quadrupled brain tumor risk – heavy users
    (1/2 hour/day) over 8 to 10 years.

    Cell Tower Radiation

    Antennas on Cell tower transmit in the frequency
    range of:

    • 869 – 890 MHz (CDMA)
    • 935 – 960 MHz (GSM900)
    • 1805 – 1880 MHz (GSM1800)
    • 2110 – 2170 MHz (3G)

    Cell Towers Installed in Mumbai

    Radiation Pattern of Antenna

    Radiation Pattern of a Cell Tower Antenna

    Propagation of “main beam“ from antenna mounted on a tower or roof top

    People living within 50 to 300 meter radius are in
    the high radiation zone (dark blue) and are more prone to ill-effects of electromagnetic radiation

    Radiation Pattern of a Cell Tower Antenna
    Six cancer cases in consecutive floors (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th) directly facing and at similar height as the mobile phone towers of four telecom companies placed on the roof of opposite building.

    Power Density Calculations

    Power density Pd at a distance R is given by

    P =  Pt

    × Gt 

    d  4πR 2 


    Pt = Transmitter power in Watts
    Gt = Gain of transmitting antenna
    R = Distance from the antenna in meters

    Power Density at distance from cell tower

    For Pt = 20 W, Gt = 17 dB = 50

    Distance R




    1 79.6 79,600,000

    3 8.84 8,840,000

    5 3.18 3,180,000

    10 0.796 796,000

    50 0.0318 31,800

    100 0.008 7,960

    500 0.000318 318

    Above values are for a single carrier and a single operator.

    Power Density for multiple carriers and operators

    For Pt = 20 W, Gt = 17 dB = 50
    No. of carriers = 5, No. of operators = 3

    Distance R




    1 1194.0 1194,000,000

    3 126.0 126,000,000

    5 47.7 47,700,000

    10 11.94 11,940,000

    50 0.477 477,000

    100 0.1194 119,400

    500 0.00477 4,770

    For 5 carriers and 3 operators on the same roof top or tower, radiation level is extremely high.

  • Lowest cost Eco-Friendly electric car with Superb Efficiency.

    Hi everybody, It’s my first posting at this site, I am today just giving an idea about a system which can be used to increase the efficiency of a system.

    i am discussing about the electric engine with maximum efficiency. As we know that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. hence we can generate energy only by transforming one form of energy into other or mass into energy like: in generators we burn diesel to convert it into heat energy then heat into mechanical motion then mechanical into electrical energy. But the amount of electricity produced by the generator will be always equal to the amount of heat energy produced by burning the diesel or petrol. But however, we can do one thing i.e. increase the efficiency of the system so as to get maximum conversion of energy with minimum loss.
    similarly we can make an electric engine using two batteries of 24 V, an electric traction motor as used in rail engines, Micro-controller as per requirement, a gear system with reduced friction and delay and one alternator arrangement, a battery charging and supply regulating unit.

    arrangement is like:- we program our controller such that it checks which of the two batteries have more power level n selects the higher one to run our motor that drives the vehicle then second one is connected to the charging unit by controller in default.

    The shaft connection and gear is connected as in traditional car. but the alternator is connected to the wheel shaft using a gear system. then this gear connecting alternator is controlled by controller internally as :- when the car attains a speed of 45 kmph then the gear is connected to the alternator n alternator starts moving at a gradual speed slow at starting then changing gear with speed of alternator. then the electricity generated by the alternator is used to charge the second battery which is at low power. This way we can do a recycling of energy and thus with a very few loss the second battery gets charged to suppose 98 % then controller switches the battery at run time without need of stopping the car and uses the second battery to run and first is charged. this time with loss of some energy, the first one gets charged as say 90% and goes on. as we know that the amount of energy given by first battery which is running car is added with the energy of momentum of the car at speed of 45-60 kmph. as we are just shifting the ideal point of operation the system which is at 70 kmph. this 10 kmph difference of speed is the key energy which charges the battery. Hence we have achieved 90% efficiency following the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY.

    Thank You… Hope you all find it help full as it is just an idea now and i am working over it. This can be proved as solution of the growing energy problems.

  • Tete Erastus Focho says:

    Hi i will be so happy if the seven segment display is published

  • ajay says:

    steganography in images

  • Rehab says:

    Oh , i forgot to tell everyone my e-mail in case that anyone have an idea about how to solve my problem
    ( )

  • Rehab says:

    Hi there ,
    i have a flash drive 8gb , if fall in water , when i dry it and connect it to my lap top , it could read the content but when i tried to copy it , it stopped in the middle of the operation
    after a while , and till now , when i connect it i got a message in the begining say that i can’t open it before i format it , and when i press formatting , it told me that it’s unable to format
    then when i try to open it i got ( G:\ not accessible )

    Please i need the data on it by any means

    Can anyone tell me any way to solve this problem and got my data back , even if i lose the flash memory

    And please reply me via e-mail , as it’s hard to reach this website again to check reply

  • Chinnu says:

    FPGA Development and Challenges

  • lalit says:

    please publish the circuit diagram of heat sensor which store the heat of any person (as a current)and then automatically detect that person with his/her heat ,because we know each person liberate different heat.

  • Jalal says:

    How can datas send from CPU to monitor without using data cable(Wirless data transfer)?

  • Devi says:

    This website is very helpful to me..tanx for the website…and my idea: “Charging a cell phone or other devices using water”…i want to know the working and full details of that……kindly put article for tat..:)

  • dariyappa bevinagidad says:

    with the help of electronics can we possible to see man to whom we will call that person in front of us only?
    your all topics related to electronics are fantastic but please help me to try to invent some device about mine above mentioned question…plz plz plz………………………
    once again thanks for all electronics notes…

  • sliblyjoyclal says:

    An rf isolator is a two-port ferromagnetic unrevealed device which is toughened to protect other RF components from immoderate signal reflection.
    Isolators are average situation in laboratory applications to take a device subservient to test (DUT) from reactive signal sources.
    An RF circulator is a three-port ferromagnetic passive trade mark hand-me-down to restrain the direction of signal plenty in a bound and is a dialect right noticeable, low-cost surrogate to expensive opening duplexers in found site and in-building grasp networks. Examples of both applications will-power be covered later in this article.

    To the hang of how these components control the signal move, contemplate of a cup of water into which you place a spoon and stir in a clockwise motion.
    If you sprinkle some fleck into the cup and carry on with to stir, you wishes make note of that the pepper very likely follows the circular going of the water.
    You can also get the drift that it would be impossible on the pepper to stir up in a counterclockwise leadership because the not ring true motion is just too strong.
    The interaction of the irresistible field to the ferrite substantial secret isolators and circulators creates alluring fields alike resemble to the saturate ripple in the cup.
    The rotary field is very stout and command cause any RF/microwave signals in the frequency group of consideration at one port to obey the magnetic go to the adjacent harbour and not in the inconsistent direction.

    An substantial contemplation when specifying an isolator or circulator is to insure the stratagem has adequate isolation exchange for your presupposed application. Isolation is a unit of volume (in dB) that states the divorce of signal levels on adjacent ports of a device. The greater the isolation value, the less interference from a signal on undivided haven is immediate at the other. The amount of isolation is as the crow flies pompous near the VSWR presented at anchorage 3 of the isolator. If the be equivalent to on seaport 3 is badly off, you can expected isolation underneath 10 dB, but if the union is improved to 1.10:1 away using a passable wind-up strategy in the circuit, then the isolation would improve to over 20 dB.
    Another weighty kind-heartedness when specifying circulators and isolators is to confirm the thingumajig has minimal insertion extinction when inserted in a transmission path. Principally, the insertion breakdown of a circulator/isolator (or any microwave device for the purpose that essentials) becomes more significant at higher frequency, namely because reduction increases with frequency and higher frequency power sources are considerably more expensive. Accordingly, the criteria of low insertion destruction intention ward irreplaceable power from being wasted.
    As described earlier, a normal use instead of a circulator is as an low-priced duplexer (a transmitter and receiver sharing inseparable antenna). Figure 2 shows that when the transmitter sends a signal, the generate goes shortly to the antenna harbour and is lonely from the receiver. Good isolation is indication to guarantee that a high-power transmitter produce signal does not get to the receiver front object as is governed by the benefit breakdown of the antenna. In this configuration, all signals from the antenna communicate with unqualified to the receiver and not the transmitter because of the circular signal flow (keep in mind the cup of water).
    A dual junction isolator is effectively two isolators in series but contained in a separate package. Typical isolation discharge can range from 40 to 50 dB with this type of design.

  • Pablo Picaso says:

    Make source of variable voltage supply, to another controlled output of 220v to control the welder.Two outputs, 0-24v Dc 3A, and the other 0-220V for soldering iron 40W
    Hacer fuente de alimentación variable de tensión, con otra salida controlada de 220v para controlar el soldador.
    Dos salidas, 0-24v Dc 3A,y otra de 0-220v para soldador 40W
    Barcelona España Spein

  • Vivek says:


    I am a freqenct visitor of this site and really like the detailed articles on basic topics. Good thing about these articles is that they deal with advanced topic yet keep it easy to follow. I am a person with basic electronics background but detailed computer knowledge.
    I would love to see an article on setting up of dome cameras and controlling them wireless via computer or just the basic of how to get started about those.



    A correction Please. The topic I suggested on December 2,2011 at 8.31 am, is not for charging the Mobile phone while on Rail journey, but to supply power to Mobile Phone direct, bypassing the regular battery available in the Mobile Phone. By mistake I mentioned it for charging the mobile phone. With the above means One can have an uninterrupted talk (if he wishes) as the power supply is supported by a Power bank of 6V 4ah rechargeable battery. Thanks. VG KRISHNA.

  • bhagya says:

    how fingerprint data converted into digital data?? plz add this 1 .


    We often find ourselves wanting a provision to charge our mobiles phones while on Rail journey. The need is more felt when the journey is long. Provison for mobile charging is not provided by Railways (except in higher class) in the coach for each individual/one scoket each. I wish that there should be a stand alone arrangement to be carried by individuals for charging the mobile phone while on journey. For this purpose a circuit is to be developed by innovators for charging mobiles phones while on journey. The power should be drawn from a battery like 6V 4Ah, a rechargeable battery (with treasure of power),to get the required supply of voltage and current in milli amps to charge a typical mobile phone. Also there should be a provision of a socket to the mobile phone which bypasses the regular battery in the phone in the above suggested case of charging. I think people will not hesitate to carry this item in a small box, eventhough it may weigh 1/2 kgs. I hope in future the Manufactureres of Mobile phones should think of giving such facility to mobile phones, so that the phone will not starve for power while on journey. V G KRISHNA.

  • im very sorry,.;” a 12v dc @ 2amp really is not appropriate,/’.,’ a 40-50 volt dc at 10-15 amps should do very well;’.;’ thanks seetharaman,;,

  • manish kumar says:

    1.ckt diagram and related theory on DRAGON FLYER/RF HELICOPTER…
    2.wireless video signal transmission b/n robots an pc using MAT-LAB.

  • seetharaman says:

    Hi Judie 500watts amp with 12 volt 2amp power supply (24watts power) supply?!!
    Hi Shoaibee depends on the required time duration of the light, you have to rate the battery (terminal voltage, AH rating etc)and charging circuit.

  • Shoaibee says:

    can we use emergency light circuit for head light 12vDC 75watts helogine bulb ?

  • Single chip 500-watt amplifier with no external components other than the power supply, speakers, heat sink, volume control, switch, input jacks and LED power signal with a standard equalizer. This is one design that would not take over 15minutes to complete. Needs only a very small PCB. Operated at 12voltsDC @ 2 amperes power supply. “Small but terrible”

  • sidhartha sahu says:

    noise pollution controler circuit board
    like fm transmiter if we can transmit broadband or data also receive with security and within 2km

  • rohit prasad says:

    how to make led pro lighting for saving mony evarv wear.

  • rohit prasad says:

    how to make wold most powearfull amplefire

  • sachin sunny says:

    all-in-one transmitter (vedio,audio,fm,infared,tv.etc) did you like it please acepet my phone no:9847145441

  • MUTHUKUMAR says:


  • Ragul Prasath says:

    How to make an Audio Switcher? or Video Switcher?

  • Edwin Devassykutty says:


    I think it will be better if you include articles about ARDUINO,since it is open source it will be very useful to everyone to study as to innovate,it will be very useful to beginers like me.It will enables the readers to expand their knowledge to next level….
    Thank You.


    i want to give a suggestion to design a device to stop road accident after drinking…..
    there is a idea that a alchol level detector connected with vechile switch board…if driver not use it vechile dnt work and his alchol level is max. of alchol level detector then vechile nt start…..
    i thnk its help to stop in road accident vch happend in now days….

  • RUBHINI says:


  • Balachandran says:


  • Prakash says:

    circuit for real time water capacity meter in a tank

  • Deepak says:

    I would suggest to publish topics according to ” GATE ” syllabus..

  • Juleve L. Gementiza says:

    An amazing wold of electronics will make your fantasies came true.

  • ankur says:

    pls refer to a rc helicopter circuits

  • Faraaz says:

    CMOS comples circuits

  • lalitha says:

    I want to suggest attaching sensor to cars that reduce no no that avoid risk of accidents.
    and my topic name is ” anti accident sensor”
    that makes use of photo diode and LED and makes use of mathematical calculations of doppler effect

  • chithambaram says:

    i need how connect ac voltage and fpga connection ?

  • nanda says:

    solar powered led lamp

  • lordsville says:

    Crossovers for Loudspeakers are quite easy to build.

  • Carl Rawson says:

    A automotive circuit that turns on when there’s a ‘charging voltage’ from the alternator i.e. engine running and turns off when the voltage falls i.e. engine stopped.

  • sathya says:

    led tubelight circuit. which can seve earth frm global warming and it ll be helpful to save energy???

  • Tom says:

    As popular as USB outlets are getting to be, I would love to see a design of a circuit to convert 12V to 5V to hookup a USB outlet in an automobile.

  • i suggest a topic for audio amplifier and mobile repairing tips

  • arun says:

    lost cost processor for image processing.

  • says:

    please give also deails of projects in .PDF formate so we can easily get it……

  • pratik says:

    circuit and full understanding of the walkie-talkie device

  • Rinkesh says:

    please give also deails of projects in .PDF formate so we can easily get it……………..
    thanking you

  • Ajimon says:

    I like to reserch to transmit and receive ac or dc powersupplies (include voltage and ampere)with the helps of carrier waves or not. (No metal wires used)and securely.

  • PASHA says:

    plz give details about “low power transformers practically winding procedure,calculation & about wire guage for winding ,codutor curent capacity chart,number of turns calculation for primary and secondary,i.e. 350watts primary-220volts ,secondary 30v-0v-30v or any other transformer.
    every ones needs these details for projects power supply transfomer and for each circuit there is different supply voltage and most people couldn’t buy new transformer each time for different circuit.
    hope u will consider(my and so many other peoples) request.

  • Ajantha Bhat says:

    Hey one more idea is here….

    A circuit which is capable of storing the charges and which in turn capable of charging a mobile phone upto 5 to 6 times..
    PLz do it.. it has a vast advantages.

  • digvijay says:

    real life calculator design


    Plz publish a tropic how to design LED display of some pictu7re or some moving object or any animation.
    Plz mention all parts, ICs ,Circuit diagram & accessories to develop it. So, many jobless will be helped by doing this in their business.


    Plz publish a tropic on how to control 16 inputs and 16 outputs (4 nos analog & others digital) by simple pc serial port, THIS SYSTEM WILL BE SUPLIMENTARY TO MICRO PLC which is costlier than a personal computer.

    If published , also send at :

  • Anoop Rajan says:

    I requedt you to Publish on guidelines for new way of electricity billing that is GSM Based Centralised Electricity Billing

  • SAMEER GUPTA says:

    I suggest to make a circuit to control all the home appliances simply with an RF remote controller.The controlling is in a manner such as switching of bulb,motor starter,regulation of fan speed,opening and closing of doors etc.The remote should contain a number of channels.We can use ICs HT640,HT648L,CTR124 and many more.This project can make very scientific to any house.

  • Ahmad Yusairi says:

    My suggestion is about ESR meter. Thanks.

  • DEON DENNY says:

    do you include avr projects
    related with robotics
    industrial level

  • RAAJA says:


  • Rakesh says:

    First of all, many many thanks to the author for showing interests to our needs.

    I’ll be grateful if you guide me to make a Remote controlled switch board, it will be able to measure Temperature, Water level of homes water reservoir and will be able to sense light level of out door and can react according to that..

  • kleber egar bittencourt says:

    FELIZ AÑO A TODOS¡¡¡¡ Desearia se publicara circuitos de control remoto a infrarrojos para Helicopteros miniatura, ya que son tan populares. No he encontrado nada al respecto. Desde ya muy agradecido egar.

  • younas says:

    i want to suggest you a topic named

  • nicky says:

    working principle of video camere

  • nicky says:

    hw coomunication is done is a mobile phone

  • nicky says:

    energy saving lamps

  • nicky says:

    tunable lasers

  • nicky says:

    electronic parts of irridium telephone

  • nicky says:

    appication of realtime systems in everyday life

  • nicky says:

    quantum dot lasers

  • nicky says:

    laser communication

  • nicky says:

    intrusion detection

  • nicky says:

    intell mmx technology

  • SIVALINGAM says:

    topic :how to design simple circuit & important factors

  • SIVALINGAM says:

    topic:how to design simple regulator power supply with details

  • HARIHARAN says:

    i suggest to publish a tutorial on “Programming Of Microprocessor & Microcontroller”..

  • HARIHARAN says:


  • HARIHARAN says:

    topic : Embedded Systems

  • HARIHARAN says:

    household door lock sensor..

  • HARIHARAN says:

    i suggest to publish about “VLSI TECHNOLOGY”.

  • Pramod says:

    Everyone has Mobile phone. Which require charging any time and there is also need of mini speakers for mobile.
    So a USB cum Solar cum Hand Cranking charger circuit with mini usb speakers, all in one.

  • Ram says:

    i hav a few ideas…

    1.can u publish an article about green energy production,
    2.USB charging of battieries n basic model mobiles,
    3.Solar mobile chargers,
    4.Principle of motors n generators
    5.How to create small energy generators for running a fan or a CFL bulb.

  • PREETHI says:

    post about RFID TECHNOLOGY applied in the car doors

  • mansuri muzammil says:

    publish the post that how the lightining happens and why it cannot be stored and tell that how till now any thing achived in and if have any idea to store please share

  • Upamanyu Das says:

    You could easily publish a circuit of a line following robot with brief explanation.
    A simple infrared LED circuit which will switch on using a remote.

  • nicky says:

    sms based mobile controll system

  • vinesh says:

    Make a circuits by which computer and mobiles are directly controlled with our brain…..

  • Ajayi Oluwasegun says:

    I suggest that the topic ”AN UNBEATABLE WORLD OF ELECTRONICS” be published.

  • rakesh says:

    Sir, I’ve some more projects in my mind

    1> Simple frequency measurement.
    2> Electronic time difference measurement(for measuring time b/w two pulses)
    3> USB driven transmitter.
    (FM, AM/Infra Red)

    and I’d suggest some C/Java programming for input/ output through computer ports for byte wise/string wise input/output.
    Thank you

  • nicky says:

    troubleshooting in electronics circuits hw to easily identify and correct an errror

  • nicky says:

    an automatic wheelchair using retina detection

  • nicky says:

    put an article on mechatronics or robotics

  • nicky says:

    intrabody communication

  • nicky says:

    how to desing an efficient fingerprint recognitionsystem

  • nicky says:

    “how to train ur kid in electronics simple projects fo kids of diffetent ages ” i think thts a great topic coz ppl lov there children becomming good electrinics enggineers

  • nicky says:

    hw to present ur electronics projects n make a full report coz ppl admire ur work only by seeing ur ppt n report

  • nicky says:

    “soldering tips”

  • nicky says:

    automatic irrigation system using op amp

  • nicky says:

    brain gate system

  • Jerrin says:

    my suggestion is to write about automatic light dimmer.Reduce lot of accidents through automatic light dimmers.

  • Shahid says:

    RF signal processing of FPGA’s.

  • Seetharaman says:

    Application of Wind and Solar energy for domestic needs with suitable, economical and viable DIY gadgets with standard components, so that we can save lot of energy and a better green world.

  • GIRIDHAR says:

    my sugg : by using solar energy(solar plates) we can generate current in vehicles ,it can be used for light and a.c thus we can consume petrol

  • jignesh detroja says:

    this is an idea about circuitary of usb to usb file transfer device using microcontrollers and there is no need of computer to transfer data.

  • Justin Das says:

    Application of nano technology in electronics.

  • shrikant says:

    i suggest you to write a topic about a computeers and automobiles

  • my idea is to make a auto sensing vacuum cleaner that will prevent dust to enter into home.

  • @gor says:

    I suggest you to write a topic about digital applications like microcontroller, protocols (TCP/IP, USB, SPI, I2C,…) and tutorials about signal processing (basis only).

  • Anshul says:

    Inverter which can work on 6V 3.5Amp DC Supply (4 AA size battry) and give 230V output using transformer somewhat 4 or 5 Watt.

    HIGH POWER MAINS OPARATED (230V)LED (Which can able to give light of many tubelight)
    Capacitor reduce high volt.Resisror for current limiter.Bright White LED can be connected in series.

    Which work on 2 AA size battry.Use 5 White LED in Series.Use 2V zener for regulate cell voltage.2V to 16V converter.

    Circuit’s name is not proper but discription is here.
    2 sensor for count entry.Which work on cut off of IR freqency (which generated by IR LED using 555 Oscillator).1 & 2 sensor are get cut off(People come in room) count 1 and make relay on.2 & 1 sensor are get cut off count -1(people go out from room) and relay off.
    If two or more person come in room, they all go outside from room after relay get cut off.
    This operation can done quite easily by using microcontroller. This Application can be useful for automatic room light or fan. Some modification can make this circuit useful for give alarm when more tahan x people are restricted.

  • Anshul says:

    -: Using this Condition :-

    (1)When head tank is empty and ground tank is full, motor(relay) starts running. [If ground tank empty show warning.]
    (2)When ground tank get empty or head tank get full stop the motor.
    (3)For sensing water level use AC current.(Which prevent electrolysis of water.) graphite[Lead of Pencil] will work well for prevent corrosion.But in DC it starts electrolysis of water.

    If possible it show 3 or 4 desired water Level.

    DC DC Converter 3V to 12V

  • kesavan namboothiri t says:

    I suggest you to publish abut O-led

  • gregtherider says:

    I suggest you to publish something about electric cars. For example the driver circuit for asinhronic el. motor and explanation how it works… and charging and control circuit for lithium bateries.



  • priti says:

    satellite communication

  • vysakhan says:

    please post a topic related to the archtecture “Micro collimated laser diode” and its construction details

  • NILAY says:

    what about making circuit to produce new ideas!!

  • NILAY says:

    You should make circuit which can charge mobile phone directly in sun light…or some that kind
    because we all sometime no have electricity and no idea to start switch off phone…..

  • GANESHRAJ says:


  • Rakesh says:

    Sir, how can we drive a set of stepper motors using a joystick, I want to use it in a manually controlled robot. And if possible, how can we make a remote linkage (using electromagnetic waves) between the stepper motors and joystick.

  • Danuja says:

    We can produce the electricity from the passage of vehicle by using actuator arm,grill , shaft and vehicle sensing device….it gives more efficiency and does not pollute the environment…and without using any natural resources

  • G P Koruthu says:

    Can u kindly design & publish a circuit which can switch on the porch light as it falls dark and switch off after five hours (adjustable). This will be a very useful circuit(should have very low power consumption)when we go on tour or away in the evening.

  • srikanth says:

    I suggest you to put a topic How to design a mobile phone? Mobiles are the most used in this world.So many people wants to design their mobile according to their likes.
    So How to design a mobile phone?

  • Eric Brondo says:

    How a LCD TV works

  • Srkrishna.K.L says:

    You can design and publish circuits to control the slideshow of ppts with remote control device using IR technology..

  • You can published such kind of device which will operate AC if sufficient peoples are present there. else it will off.
    which is so needed in our home and office to control AC for protect losses.
    you can design such kind off device which will operate a pump also monitor overhead and sub tank. and have to no manual operation. which is so essential in our house hold work.

  • fakorede michael.o says:

    i suggest to give detail about the fuelless generator

  • Giridhar Kulkarni says:

    i suggest u to publish a article on making of a robot controlled by programming through microcontrollers..

  • bscvpavan says:

    i suggest you to give about new projects like automatic railway gates,persons count and password required like that

  • ARUN KUMAR RAI says:

    Hello. I’d like to suggest that you should publish schematic of a stereo bluetooth receiver that can be hooked to an amplifier and paired with a laptop.

    With regards.

  • Thileep says:

    u can publish Power system control devices control by GSM modules, example fault path finder in 11 kv transmission line

  • ramaraju says:

    i sujest to give details about telephone receiver

  • palanisamy.k says:

    very good idea

  • Sadiq Dokaji says:

    My suggestion is you publish a topic on how to identify the alphanumeric codes on electronic devices for the benefit of beginners especially those in developing countries that don’t have access to materials covering that field.

  • Nagendra Joshi says:

    you can publish topic on solar energy and audio amplifire 2.1 , 5.1 sub woofer circuit and blutooth related and usb related circuits and digital disply technology, power line communication(PLCC) citrcuits,

  • isha priya says:

    i suggest to publish a on “wireless communication in underground mines”
    wireless communication is very active in our life.moblie using is all so comman but wireless communication is not so popular in underground mines.scientist have been working on it and reasearches are going on to give a good wireless communication in underground mines.If this become successful then it would be an excellent achievment.
    I think this can be an awsume topic to be dis includes all electronics….

  • you can publish topic on solar energy and 2.1 , 5.1 sub woofer circuit and blutooth related and usb related circuits and digital disply technology

  • Publish the topic on “SOLAR POWER PLANTS”

  • Abdulraheem wasiu olorunoje says:

    Design and construction of an automatic car battery charger with a digital voltmeter display.

  • Kapil says:

    i would like to suggest u that u should publish

    “how electricity can simply be generated at homes with less cost”

  • shivukumar says:

    Persistace of vision to display a string on a rotating fan design using AVR micro-controller would be a good and fun circuit.

  • shivukumar says:

    Line Follower using AVR micro Controller is a good idea. This topic not only gives information regarding the interfacing sensors, but also covers basic topics of micro-controller.

  • Kelechi says:

    Please publish articles and circuits of fire detection and suppression systems

  • Abhishek B N says:

    Hi, U can post on “smart fabrics” and its its applications. Especially in satellite communication. it is really interesting and advanced also.It has so many applications also.

  • Benjamin says:

    How to charge battery with a mini wind will that can be attached to a travelling car

  • Joseph says:

    Running a fan(or) using a solar power i.e, when light fall on photo diode it allows the current to pass through it, then the fan rotates. Solar energy can be converted into another form of energy and it is stored and it is used when the solar power is absent

  • navina says:

    hi ot all of my beloved friends iwould like share my idea with EMBEDDED SYSTEM SOFTWARE USING how to write a program in our ICPINS MORE THAN 3000 PROGRAM CAN BE DEVELOPED AT A TIME.

  • NISHANT says:

    i want u to publish on the topic of (silicon controlled rectifiers) or SCR

  • Anikesh Monot says:

    Or Robot to cut coconuts.

  • Anikesh Monot says:

    Try “TIME MACHINE” :) (Kidding)

    How abt controlling a Robot using the Track ball of a Mobile phone..
    Good luck

  • Seetharaman says:

    Conversion of energy wasted by millions of people at Gyms, into useful electrical energy to feed the grid. (green power)

  • Prasad Subudhi says:

    Sorry for the previous posts
    WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION(Transferring power from one point to another without using wire)
    This can be the most interesting and useful topic in this modern era.
    I think u can publish this topic.

  • Faraz says:

    meglev or MRT train State of the art control system Pure Electronics system. Thats is to be publish

  • My suggestion is said to get electrict power from radio frequency by using three circuits.

  • Joe says:

    Please publish articles and circuits related to sensitive “Electrometers”.

  • samuel says:

    i suggest that as like the current flows easily with the principle of elctro magnetic induction and also the heat is also emitted with that bulb can glow brighter and filament used in that(tungsten) that is a bad conductor of electricity

  • teja says:

    U r doing really appreciable mission of motivating undergraduates like me.i have a big doubt on the voltage receiving techniques from the thunder and lightning.please help me understanding those experiments done past and that of doing now on this topic.I am really anxious on such a project.I need to get the scopes of getting the voltage from a typical lightning signal….please…please help me.

  • AVINASH BABU K.M says:

    i suggest Auto MAins Failure Panel circuit using microcontroller including its source code

  • AVINASH BABU K.M says:

    i suggest (single phasing preventer + 3 phase generating circuit using 1 or 2 phases )

  • Narayan says:

    I would like to suggest u to publish on

    1.RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)sytem Principle of operations and various applications…

    2.RS232(serial communication):since we enble with RS232 in various applications to transmit data we must know about the basic principles of RS232 communication..


  • Mahendran says:

    can you suggest me to build a simple led circuit . this circuit should be turned no or off by remote control circuit and also explain their working :-)


    please publish topics on repair of switch mode power supply

  • Abhishek Chandel says:

    CURRENT… u can define current flow in the simplest way u can….this is wat i suggest to you…. i can figure it out if u need :)

  • Usama Ishaq says:

    Dipole antena with reflector …thats a topic ..i hope u will find its details..

  • phani kiran says:

    i suggest to make an UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROLLER(ON/OFF)………for home applications mainly for telivision……JUST FOR FUN :-)


    I request Circuits to day please publish the following circuit diagrams which will be useful for many on day to day use:

    1.We purchase Mosquito swatters (China make-Tennis bat shape) from market and when once it falls on ground it is getting ineffective and again we purchase another one.Like this so far I purchased 3 mosquito swatters from Market. I request Circuitstday to publisch a project for this which should fit into the Mosquito swatters we purchase from the market with details of connectivity to the bat mesh.
    2. A circuit diagram for Emergency light by using CFL bulb
    (not LEDs) to give more light, along with protection for Over charge/under charge of the Battery. Thanking you.

  • Raj Bharath says:

    Working of a ModBus unit can be useful for advanced design Engineerers

  • mani says:

    plastics covers are one of the biggest fucture problem .
    the topic may be like how to convert it to another form like
    electricity ,or to decompose it with electrical methods?

  • Suresh Vaghela says:

    I need circuit diagram which converts USB 2.0 to RJ45 and RJ45 to USB 2.0

  • HARGOVAN says:

    I wish that u take recent topic of mocrocontroller (like 89S52)which is handy and populler and many circuits like flasher automation remote control displays stepper motor projects etc can be desined on it.More over it is easily programmed with ISP and good IDE like Bascom is awilable for it.
    B.E. Elect

  • ZefFrost says:

    I suggest you to write a topic about microprocessor. How to assemble PIC (e.g PIC 16f877a) to make it working.

  • sindhu says:

    Respected sir,
    Circuits today helps me a lot…I suggest you to publish on the projects related to microprocessors and microcontrollers…

  • avtar says:

    i would like to read about embedded system with 8051 or similar like avr

  • Avinash Bhangale says:

    This website is great for its contents all about electronic circuits and ideas. However, any electronic project or construction is incomplete without physical layout of components, circuit boards, placement of sensors, controls, actuators etc. in a suitable and workable metal or plastic box or container.
    I would suggest that website should provide the contructional details with attractive photographs of elctronic circuit projects to make it more practical and interesting.

  • Wimal Dissanayake says:

    I suggest to publish a device which automatically control water level of a tank. The motor should stop at the reach the up level and the motor should start at lower water level.

  • Bhuvan Gupta says:

    1)How processor work(how using “0″,”1″ logic such a great thing is made) ?

    2)how graphic card works ?

    3)how mobile network distinguish between two different user ?

  • HYDER ALI M.S says:

    I would like to suggest topics on robotics
    (manual & autobot).

  • Prashant Raja says:

    Please publish articles on

    Antena and waveguides

    Related to Robotics because it has future

  • Prashant Soni says:

    hello sir,
    please publish “how to program micro-controller in c” as you must notice all companies provide data-sheet of micro-controllers having details in assembly language.

  • Anilkumar says:

    Kindly publish article on solar charge controller circuit
    for home lighting systems and other using easily avaialble

  • Ahmet Sagmen says:

    I would like to make EEPROM(for instance DS1220) reader and programmer via PIC with PC serial or USB interface. With a sofware program on a PC i should read and program EEPROM.

  • Basayya says:

    i suggest you to publish a topic about the Mos Transistors and analog issuse.

  • Navin Kumar says:


    I would like to see the working of 3G with transmitting and receiving circuit, and it will also be useful if you specify the diff between the generations of it.

  • sankarkumar says:

    Dear sir,

    please mention the coin based mobile recharging. iknow the topic is related in all over world mobile users to used… thanks

  • sathish says:

    i suggest you to publish a topic about atmega serious microcontroller basic assembly language programs like timer, counter, sram, etc.which is useful to do project for students. . . .

  • Naeem says:

    i would like to suggest you thad you should publish circuits relating microcontroller real world applications and also their codes in Clanguage.
    Also circuits That are used in rebotics like H-Bridge circuits of high voltage and current retaings. and also add some brief explanation of each circuit so that every one can easily understand the circuit.
    also publish circuit regarding soler energy for small projects for a student

  • Rafi says:

    Your site is a fantastic for electronics lovers, It would be more useful if you add microcontrollers and PIC related projects with soruce code , Scehmatic and video cliping of how it works.

    It would be very useful, As PIC programming are very useful these days. May be a small tutorial how to write programming in PIC or ATMEL or whatever.

    Post circuit regarding CCTV , Home Security , Automobile circuits which will be very useful


  • Sajjad Ahmed says:

    To win a Data Traveler there should be an idea about Data traveler to improve its functionality .USB Flash should be a wireless device which increase its portability, makes its use easy for newcomers and less chance to loss it.
    All this by using a simple Sim circuit.

  • Zed says:

    All your article is great. and it helps me. Can you post some practical troubleshooting tips regarding voltage test poit of some electronic home appliances and some section that is hard to troubleshoot like section of lcd tv or other modern home electronics appliances. Thanks. God bless us all.

  • Dipankar Ghosh says:

    Please Publish circuits of
    And other circuits on Mobile Phones.

  • natraj says:

    I suggest you to publish a topic about :

    CMOS technology

  • syed.m.mohtashim.shah says:

    i think u should work on the project electronic eye.
    this project involves very important part light dependent resistance(led).it play very important role in this project

  • Jahfarali says:

    Please publish topic aboutlights and motors controlling by USB port

  • Robert Santos says:

    I suggest you to publish a topic about :

    1- diode ( fast recovery )
    2- PIC16F628 ( using BASIC or C )
    3- 8051 ( using BASIC or C )

    thank you !

    Merry Christmas

  • Howard says:

    Topics involving HVAC system control using programmable controllers (PIC, DSP, MSP, etc.)

  • Abhineet says:

    I suggest to publish:
    1. Various circutis made using Leds that are being used as dot matrix displays for various purposes
    2.Circuits involving solar panels as energy source
    3.Whatever circuit is posted..there should be a explaination about the working of that circuit.
    4.Spying devices. Like hardware keyloggers etc.
    5.Circuits involving cameras

  • iqbal says:

    how can i connected a solar panel directly to battery, which is also connected to inverter by another power source.

  • Jayaraman says:

    Please publish a real working circuit on mosquito repellant in your website with LED night Lamp facility.

  • patrick vaz says:

    Today our Country’s greatest Crisis is Power, technology is available but we do not have the potential to tap into it.

    If we get into todays villages power cuts r there for hours, our country largely depends on agriculture, if a topic could be brought up on how to develop power on lighting in a cost effective way

  • shiva kumar says:

    On Smart Anennas

  • Bibek Baruti says:

    keeping a pen drive here and there and losing it unknowingly.could you please design a sensor type device,i.e emitter cum reciever which can be used to detect the pen drive’s location,roughly at least…it will be highly helpful.
    led glowing or beep like sounds will be there as we approach the subject and it will give an approx. insight of the subject’s that.please try:-).

  • megha says:

    i want to know how to make the module for thumb scanner…since i know i have found that scanner is given as it is and said it can b used for various applications like attendance..but no facility to make if any suggestions..?

  • viraj says:

    Develop the bluetooth camera and kit into robat car with large distance….

    making high secuity system by bluetooth devics

  • K ARUN SINGH says:

    wire less power transmission which can charge cell phone, glow a light which consumes low power etc, wire-lessly within a limited distance.
    this reduces the wiring used in homes, offices, institutes etc

  • arvy says:

    give details on avr atmega series and its prodramming,adc,usart etc…..

  • ashish says:

    why we does not use displacement current in life ,instead maxwell explained it clearly
    explain displacement current with its uses in physics

  • abhishek wal says:

    i woukd like to see a cicuit on laser based voice transmitter and receiver.

  • sanjay pant says:

    please publish ebike 48v 250w bldc motor controller with 9 FETs having connections for 3 phase and hall sensors using general purpose PID microcontroller as the chinese manufacturer does not disclose their schematics and source code and their microcontroller is nowhere available.this circuit will be very important to me and all other who are using ebike.plase do the needful.

  • Asker Barathi says:

    Develop a circuit for a GPS device which can be used in oceans & Sees for the safety of ships & rescue operations during emergency.

  • apoorv upadhyay says:

    please publish articles on FPGA and its working and its programing, as its a new an emerging technology there is an immediate need for it to reach the engineers and customers. so please try to publish an article on FPGA

  • i want u to post topic on AR Technology. AUGMENT REALITY.

  • Gracekumar says:

    i suggest you to publish a topic about “”"how to use the natural resources efficiently and without overexploitation”"”…. nowadays it’s a major problem to protect these resources from overexploitation. due to increase in population already we face many problems and we have to protect ourself. This topic will give alarm to everyone………………………………………………….

  • i would like to see topics on:
    2.Optoelectronic devices

  • Jann Carlos Carmen says:

    Circuit about programmable timer for break time ..can be programmed even for 24 hrs at maybe 5 minutes , 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

  • vineet says:

    conversions in 8085 microprocessor

    like ascii to bcd,ascii to binary etc

  • Jann Carlos Carmen says:

    can you publish a topic on how to use USB as a port for booting in installing OS and other softwares instead of using DVD drive.

  • saulos ngwira says:

    Malawi:Enegry saver bulbs design by China has flaws with regard to current regulation that leads to trasnsistors shorting or non polarised polyester capacitors burning out as such they do not last long.Improvement urgently needed for them to live up to the name energy saver bulb.

  • Asiimire Ronald says:

    If you could publish circuit diagrams of mp3 players,
    blue tooth transmitters and receivers.

  • Kevin Lee says:

    I would like to see topics on
    Control circuits for:-
    1. Wind generators
    2. Solar water heaters
    3. Solar panels

    Anything else “green”


    hello sir,first of all i would wish to thank you all that creating such a useful website for electronic students & this website we can able to get all required informations,at the same time it helps us for real time mini & major projects too.
    well i would like to suggest you to publish the following topic. electronics are used in radar & space technology to detect ufo & aliens signal. magnetic deflection meter & electronic components are used to detect the presense of spiritual(ghost) in a house. digital 3d virtual image is created.

    again i would like to thank you to give us an opportunity to suggest a topic for publish.thank you

  • saulos ngwira says:

    domestic pully driven windmill generating electricity where by the windmill speed is controlled electronically to compensate for inadequate wind.

  • Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    In countries like India, Pakistan & Bangladesh people use ceiling fans in summer. When it is time of change of weather from summer to winter the problem occurs that at early hours of night a certain fan speed is required but in early morning hours say 2.00 am to on ward it makes more cooling effect.

    Why not modify existing fan speed dimmers with some thermister control so that it automatically regulates speed according to room temperature.

  • NIDHEESH CV says:

    i suggest a topic for class D amplifier.

  • samanth says:

    1)automatic starter for any device yousing microcontroller

    2)remote control home appliences.

    3)temparature,moisture,pressure measurements using simple techniques

    4)wireless power transfer

    5)usb working procedure and architectures

  • Yogesh Joshi says:

    Can you publish a Transformer less power supply for molex connector to power a Hard Disk or DVD Writer

  • manish kumar says:


  • manish kumar says:


  • NIDHEESH CV says:

    My subjection for publishing topics
    >Please published the topic on artificial intelligence. This is a new technology on present.

    >Please published the circuit and description of the topic video transmitters.

    >Please publish a article on the topics HDTV and 3DTV. This is the new trend on television.

  • sneha says:

    You can have robotics as a field. Though it has mechanical and computer science involved i feel its nothing without electronics. Moreover the world is going automatic with robots all over so it must be the most wanted topic for all.

  • Manoj Ghatak says:

    Please published full description of USB Audio Kit,”Which can play MP3 audio file from pen drive and out Audio with out computer. which can attach any type of Audio Amplifier .

  • harshkant07 says:

    how dc current from battery is converted into ac current through inverter?
    please give explanation of the circuitry.

  • Amrutha S says:

    Aerospace electronics? What is so great about it?

  • Sreekumar says:

    Triple modular redundancy, Is it enough?

  • Amrutha S says:

    Fail proof control system for Aerospace and military system

  • naveen says:

    i request you to post an article on PIC microprocessor and microcontroller

  • Jack Tyler says:

    Microphones for PC sound cards need a relatively high impedence of 2500 to 10Kohms. Many microphones are cheaply made and its hard to tell meet needed specs. or if they will work with devices, i.e. tape recorders, PC sound card, etc. How about a circuit to measure the microphone’s impedence. I don’t think that a simple resistance check by a meter will work.

    Reference article in Linux Pro Magazine #93 Aug. 2008,Article name “Learning Curve” page 64, under the paragraph Sound and Vision, next to Figure 1. Cite that impedence values above.

  • Zubair says:

    I agree with the first comment regarding programming in embedded C.

    My idea: Article on Interfacing pitfalls. Connecting different technologies. Like ttl/cmos. And the very basic. How to connect and not to connect stuff to a uC.

    Rock on :)

  • parveen says:

    u can add information regarding making electronic eyes using camera

  • Harvinder Singh says:

    why the core of transformer is laminated??
    in rc phase shift oscillator what is the idea of using a cascaded rc network…?

  • Upul Ranaweera says:

    A safety mechanism to protect electric door bells

    I would like you discuss a solution to the following situation.

    A safety mechanism to protect electric door bells. I had to replace couple of electric doorbells due to prolong pressing of the doorbell switch at my gate by visitors. Some keep on pressing without waiting for a response.

    I would appreciate you discuss this idea and come up with a simple solution to cut of the supply for the doorbell for a specified time, when the switch is pressed once. It has to be operated with mains supply of 230v or 110v.

  • prabin says:

    my idea:
    ->Opamp voltage regulators;
    ->stagger tuned amplifier;

  • ROB BEALES says:



  • haribabu.p says:

    My idea is
    “about smart antenna” or “red taction”

  • Maurice Gooneratne says:

    Almost every houshold has a Quartz clock which in many cases does not keep time very accurately

  • Maurice Gooneratne says:

    Please publish an article on how to adjust a quartz clock make it run slow or fast) Thank you

  • Hari Kiran says:

    I wish you can design a circuit that is used in Quad copters to control flight & stabilization that is controlled using a transmitter and receiver kit including some sensors like
    1. Ultra-violet sensor
    2. Gyro sensor
    3. 3- axis accelerometer
    I think it is a little difficult but can be done, If you take it as a challenge you can really work on it

  • ke730 says:

    Agree FPGA, but a MCU is the best!

  • suman says:

    My idea is
    “RF based automatic speed limiter for vehicles”..
    This project is very useful to reduce road accidents if it is implemented.

  • Zuber says:

    I agree with Dinesh FPGA is a good topic to talk about that is the next class I am taking.

  • c.subramaniam says:

    you may publish
    1) an indicator circuit to indicate the capacity of a lead-acid storage battery.
    2) circuit of electric assisted power steering for cars
    3) video pattern and color bar generator for color TV servicing purposes.
    4) electronic defrost circuit for refrigerators.
    5)electronic three step voltage stabilizer with low voltage cut off and dime delay for refrigerators and ac

  • Zuber says:

    First of all awesome website, I learned alot from this site, lots of good in depth articles, I know you guys already have some topics on MOSFET and BJT, I wanna suggest two topics Differential Amplifier and Analog Circuit and send topic is Electro Magnetic Induction.

    Thank you

  • How about a color organ circuit, they are pretty simple and easy and you can use them to drive Christmas lights to music.

  • John Cooper says:

    A mnemonic I learnt years ago but still useful if you can’t easily remember the resistor code.
    Billy Brown Revives On Your Gin But Values Good Whisky

  • vinodhkumar says:

    design a circuit which can translate a given input language to any other user desired language

  • Johnn Schroeder says:

    a guide to the USB port asystem and all the confusion of powered and unpowered accessories, drives and gadgets that can make our computing better (or worse) with a lay out and better understanding of the USB port, wiring, requirements and so on so we can actually understand it and use it properly.

  • Hugo says:

    First, congratulations for the great number of issues published and thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to suggest a topic.

    The subject I would like to include in the robotics is an issue that has a lot of followers

    Receive a cordial greeting

  • sjm4306 says:

    Tutorial series on programming microcontrollers (avr vs pic) and hardware features for different chip models.

  • rajan singh bhadoria says: have to give the details of inductor coils like how to make. can give the whole projects or a pack of projects in one click download.

  • mubarak says:

    make a digital watt meter, which can measure the usage of electricity.By this we will be able to know our electricity consumption from time to time .Thus our electricity bills can be reduced and moreover energy can be conserved.

  • rakesh says:

    I need no prize, but if you consider this two topics:-
    1> usb to parallel port(bi directional) converter :—
    I think, this project will further help developing more projects.

    2> usb to optical output converter/usb-optical fibre interface (bidirectional data connection)

    3> Digital security lock

  • dinesh says:

    FPGA would be a good topic.

  • anik says:

    I will suggest ‘LEDs as input devices’. Touch or even multitouch panels can be made by LED array. I think it will be an interesting read :)

  • Pallavi Shintre says:

    Publish on guidelines for Programming in Embedded C.