One transistor code lock

jacky March 3, 2010 19 Comments
Description. This is of course the simplest electronic code lock circuit one can make. The circuit uses one transistor, a relay and few passive components. The simplicity does not have any influence on the performance and this circuit works...
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FM adaptor circuit for car stereo

jacky April 7, 2010 7 Comments
Description. With this compact FM adaptor circuit plugged into the audio out of your cassete player or i Pod out put,you can listen your favorite music on your car stereo.This circuit is very useful if your car stereo doesnot...
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Low cost amplifer.

jacky March 8, 2012 6 Comments
Description. No big deal here! You can make a decent power amplifier using just three transistors. All components used here can be obtained from your electronic junk box. Also you just need a 9V transistor radio battery to power...
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Humidity tester

jacky March 7, 2012 6 Comments
Description. A variety of humidity tester circuits are available, but this  is a circuit which is as simple as possible. Using only a transistor, LED and few resistors, this circuit can be used to check the humidity level of...
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Melody Generator using IC UM66

jacky October 17, 2018 27 Comments
Melody Generator Circuit This is a simple project using the IC UM66. UM66 has an inbuilt beat and tone generator. This IC, with its three legs, looks like a transistor. This IC has many versions for playing different songs/beats....
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Simple Water Level Indicator

jacky November 6, 2018 276 Comments
Water Level Indicator Description This is the circuit diagram of a simple corrosion free water level indicator for home and industries. In fact, the level of any conductive non-corrosive liquids can be measured using this circuit. The circuit is...
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