Police siren using NE555

jacky January 27, 2014 16 Comments
Description. A lot of electronic circuits using NE555 timer IC are already published here and this is just another one.Here is the circuit diagram of a police siren based on NE55 timer IC. The circuit uses two NE555 timers...
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High voltage generator circuit

jacky February 28, 2010 38 Comments
Description. First of all let me remind you that this circuit is a very dangerous one. The output voltage of this circuit is in Kilo volts and it can seriously injure you or kill you. Try this circuit only...
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Op-Amp Comparator

jojo February 24, 2014 20 Comments
In this post we will be discussing about the op-amp as a comparator.We have already discussed other applications of the op-amp in rectangular wave form generator circuits like astable (or free-running) multivibrators, monostable multivibrators (or one-shot) and bistable multivibrators (or flip-flops). To...
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F to V Converter

john January 27, 2014 26 Comments
F to V Converter Circuit using LM555 Timer CircuitsToday.com has introduced an online store to buy books that provide the basics and applications of 555 timer IC. There are 3 books in store. You can buy them after reading...
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555 Timer-Ramp Generator

jojo February 28, 2010 3 Comments
Ramp Generator Circuit-using 555 Timer IC We know that if a capacitor is charged from a voltage source through a resistor, an exponential waveform is produced while charging of a capaci­tor from a constant current source produces a ramp....
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555 Timer Oscillator

jojo February 28, 2010 2 Comments
A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) using the timer 555 is shown in figure. The circuit is sometimes called a voltage-to-frequency converter because the output frequency can be changed by changing the input voltage. As discussed in previous blog posts, pin...
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