Electronic toss circuit

jacky February 28, 2010 22 Comments
Description. The circuit given here can be used for tossing head or tail. There are many games in which a tossing is required to start and this circuit can be used in all such instances. The circuit uses two...
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1KHz IR transmitter circuit.

jacky January 30, 2012 19 Comments
Description. This circuit was designed in response to a request from my reader. What he asked for was a 1KHz IR transmitter circuit for some remote control application. I think this circuit may satisfy him. Any way this circuit...
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Dark detector circuit

jacky November 10, 2011 44 Comments
Description. The dark detector circuit shown here can be used to produce an audible alarm when the light inside a room goes OFF. The circuit is build around timer IC NE555. A general purpose LDR is used for sensing...
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10 Minute timer circuit.

jacky February 28, 2010 49 Comments
Description. When ever you need to get an alarm or intimation after ten minutes ,the circuit shown below can be used.The circuit is nothing but  a monostable multivibrator based on IC NE 555.When ever you press the reset push...
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Door bell circuit using NE555

jacky January 27, 2014 24 Comments
Description. The main part of this doorbell circuit are two NE555 timer ICs.When some one presses switch S1 momentarily, the loud speaker sounds a bell tone as long as the time period of the monostable multivibrator built around IC1....
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Scmitt Trigger circuit using NE 555

jacky February 28, 2010 4 Comments
Description. Apart from the timing functions ,the two comparators of the 555 timer can be used independently for other applications.One example is a Schmitt Trigger shown here. The two comparator inputs (pin 2 & 6) are tied together and...
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555 Tester circuit

jacky February 28, 2010 11 Comments
Description. NE555 is an IC which is widely used in timers and control circuits. A circuit for independent testing this IC is given here. Here the NE555 is wired as an astable multivibrator. When the push button switch S1...
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Regulated power expander circuit

jacky February 28, 2010 14 Comments
Description. Commercially available voltage regulator IC’s can deliver up to 1A output current. For example 78xx series regulators are available in different voltage ratings, but in any case the current should not exceed 1A. The transistor Q1 (2N 29055)...
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