Automatic cooler fan for amplifiers

jacky April 7, 2010 26 Comments
Description. The schematic of an automatic cooler fan for audio amplifiers is given here. The circuit automatically switch ON the cooler fan whenever the temperature of the heat sink exceeds a preset level. This circuit will save a lot...
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Speaker protector

jacky April 7, 2010 4 Comments
Description. When the amplifier is switched on, the speaker gets popped up by a high voltage and you can hear a loud thud sound from the speaker. This stuff is very harmful to the speaker and it drastically reduces...
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Audio line driver

jacky April 7, 2010 No Comments
Description. This is the circuit diagram of a two channel audio line driver using the high performance dual opamp IC TSH22 from ST Microelectronics. The 25 MHz bandwidth, low distortion and high output current of the IC makes it...
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Hi-Fi DX Bass circuit

jacky April 7, 2010 44 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of a passive DX bass circuit that can be used with almost all audio amplifiers. This circuit is designed by Mr. Emmanuel Chipula ( from Malawi and was sent to us for publication.We...
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Car subwoofer filter

jacky April 7, 2010 27 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of a simple subwoofer filter that can be operated from a 12V DC supply. Such a circuit is very useful in automobile subwoofer applications. The circuit is nothing but a low pass filter...
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Subwoofer filter

john April 7, 2010 46 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of an opamp based subwoofer filter. Audio frequencies below 200Hz are considered to be in the subwoofer range. So a subwoofer filter will be essentially a low pass filter with a cut off...
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Voice recorder/playback circuit

john April 7, 2010 11 Comments
Description. This circuit is designed in response to a request made by Mr Vignesh. What he requested was a circuit for recording and playing voice. I think this circuit is enough for the purpose. This circuit is based on...
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Pocket headphone amplifier

john April 7, 2010 19 Comments
Description. Here I present a very simple and powerful headphone amplifier using OPA134. In addition to the IC OPA134, the circuit uses only few passive components and can easily generate a lot of sound from even the most inefficient...
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Voice modulator circuit

admin April 7, 2010 7 Comments
Description. This is a very versatile voice modulator circuit using IC HT8950A from Holtek Semiconductors. The IC is capable of creating 7 upward or downward steps on the frequency of the input voice at a rate of 8Hz. There...
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6W amplifier using TA7222AP

john April 7, 2010 9 Comments
Description. Here is the circuit diagram of a 6W amplifier using the TA7222AP from Toshiba.TA7222AP is an excellent integrated audio amplifier which can deliver 5.8W to a 4 Ohms load at 12V supply voltage. The IC has very good...
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