Ni-MH battery charger using LT4060

john September 24, 2009 18 Comments
Description. This is the circuit diagram of a very powerful and efficient Ni-MH battery charger using IC LT4060 from Linear Technologies. In addition to Ni-MH batteries Ni-Cd batteries can be also charged by slightly modifying the circuit.For charging Ni-Cd...
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Battery charging indicator circuit

john May 14, 2009 30 Comments
Description. This simple circuit can be used to monitor whether a battery is charging or not. The voltage comparator IC LM393 is the heart of this circuit. The LED D1 will remain ON whenever there is at least 25...
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Super fast Ni-Cd battery charger

admin February 16, 2012 No Comments
Description. Here is  the circuit diagram of an effective and super fast Ni-Cd battery charger circuit.The circuit is based on the IC MAX 712. The circuit is designed to fast charge a Ni-Cd battery at 3oomA. After the fast...
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Lead acid battery charger circuit

admin November 9, 2018 188 Comments
In this article, we teach you how to design a simple Lead Acid Battery Charger circuit using an op-amp IC and some associated components. The core of this circuit is IC LM 317 – which is basically an operational...
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