Low cost fire alarm circuit.

admin January 21, 2014 91 Comments
Description. When there is a fire breakout in the room the temperature increases. This ultra compact and low cost fire alarm senses fire breakout based on this fact. Transistor BC177 (Q1) is used as the fire sensor here. When...
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Rain alarm circuit

admin January 21, 2014 65 Comments
Description. Here is a simple rain alarm circuit that produces an audible alarm when ever rain falls. The rain detector circuit is based on two transistors (Q1 & Q2) and a NE555IC (IC1). The two transistors are wired as...
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Light to Frequency converter circuit

jacky February 28, 2011 1 Comment
A simple Light to Frequency Converter Introduction. Here is the circuit diagram of a effective light to frequency converter circuit that can be used for variety of applications such as light intensity measurement,fun etc. The circuit is based on...
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USB LED Lamp Circuit

admin November 15, 2018 24 Comments
USB LED Lamp Circuit Description Here is a simple USB powered lamp that can be used to light your desktop during power failures. The circuit operates from the 5 Volt available from the USB port. The 5V from the...
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Remote controlled switch circuit

admin November 9, 2018 50 Comments
In this project, let’s build a simple Remote controlled switch for appliance controlling. If you know basic concepts of electronics, this circuit is pretty easy to build and test. The core of this circuit are two IC’s – which...
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Simple Alarm circuit

admin November 2, 2018 1 Comment
Multi-Tone Alarm This multi-tone alarm circuit will help you create a burglar alarm that will not only alert you of intruders but will also play a different tune each time an intruder comes, this makes sure that no regular intruders...
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Sound Generator Circuit

admin November 2, 2018 1 Comment
Scream Generator Circuit Scream generating circuit? Well actually this is a simple sound generator circuit, but of course, you can create a screaming sound with it. It has unlimited possibilities in pranks and Halloween, just use your imagination. It works...
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Sensitive Intruder Alarm Circuit

admin November 2, 2018 74 Comments
Super light Sensitive Intruder Alarm Circuit Intruder alarms are popular devices used in high-security areas as well as civilian houses to detect and alarm the presence of any intruders. There are different kinds of intruder detection alarms, some detect...
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Dual Tone Train Horn Circuit

jacky November 10, 2018 3 Comments
Dual Tone Train Horn Circuit – Description A dual tone train horn simulator circuit can be made using two NE 555 timers connected in cascade. Here instead of using two NE 555 timers a single NE 556 timer is...
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DoorBell circuit using UM 66 IC

admin November 9, 2018 29 Comments
Doorbell Circuit Description Related Posts: Melody Generator using UM 66 Door Bell Circuit Using NE555   The main objective of the doorbell circuit is to convert electrical signals (input) into audio signals (output) with a single press of a...
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