PN junction breakdown characteristics

jojo December 19, 2013 20 Comments
In this article, we are going to learn a little deep about break down characteristics of PN Junction Diode and how “reverse break down” characteristics is put into practical applications. Before getting into the details, lets have a walk...
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Semiconductor diode fabrication types

jojo August 25, 2009 2 Comments
This blog post is continuation to the original post: Fabrication techniques of a P-N junction diode 1. Grown Junction Diode: Diodes of this type are formed during the crystal pulling process. P and N-type impurities can be alternately added...
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Fabrication techniques of a P-N junction diode

jojo February 9, 2011 11 Comments
General Introduction to Fabrication techniques of a P-N junction diode: In practice, the P-N junction is formed from a single mono crystalline structure by adding carefully controlled amounts of donor and acceptor impurities. Here discussion is limited only to acquaintation...
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