Series Inductor Filter

jojo June 17, 2014 4 Comments
Series Inductor Filter.       In this arrange­ment a high value inductor or choke L is connected in series with the rectifier element and the load, as illustrated in figure. The filtering action of an inductor filter de­pends...
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RC filters-operation-circuit-diagram

jojo June 17, 2014 No Comments
The drawbacks of pi-filters are the comparatively larger cost, more weight, bigger size and external field developed by the series inductor. However, these drawbacks can be overcome by replacing the series inductor by a series resistor R. Such a...
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Choke input-L section filter

jojo June 17, 2014 1 Comment
A simple series inductor reduces both the peakand effective values of the output current and output voltage. On the other hand a simple shunt capacitor filter reduces the ripple voltage but increases the diode current. The diode may get...
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Shunt capacitor filter

jojo June 17, 2014 7 Comments
Shunt Capacitor Filter and types of it: This is the most simple form of the filter circuit and in this arrangement a high value capacitor C is placed directly across the output terminals, as shown in figure. During the...
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Filter Circuits

jojo August 14, 2018 2 Comments
We have learnt in rectifier circuits about converting a sinusoidal ac voltage into its corresponding pulsating dc. Apart from the dc component, this pulsating dc voltage will have unwanted ac components like the components of its supply frequency along...
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