Sound Generator Circuit

admin February 23, 2011 No Comments
Simple Sound Generator Circuit Description This is a real scream generator circuit suitable for any purpose like alarm or car horn.The circuit is based on two transistors Q1 and Q2.When you press the switch S2 the siren starts up...
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Sensitive Intruder Alarm Circuit

admin November 18, 2011 67 Comments
Intruder Alarm Circuit Description Here is  the circuit diagram of an ultra sensitive intruder alarm. The shadow of an intruder passing few meters nearby the circuit is enough to trigger the alarm. Here IC2 uA 741 is wired as...
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DoorBell circuit using UM 66 IC

admin April 27, 2011 29 Comments
Doorbell Circuit Description Here is a simple and easy to build doorbell circuit using IC UM 66.The  details of UM 66  is given in the older post “Melody Generator using UM 66″. This is a slight modification of that...
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Flasher Circuit using NE 555

admin November 16, 2011 30 Comments
Lamp Flasher using NE 555 Description This is the circuit diagram of lamp flasher operated from mains. By this you can flash up to 200 Watt lamps at rates determined by you. IC NE555 is wired as an astable...
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Touch Switch Circuit

admin April 27, 2011 33 Comments
Touch Switch Circuit using NE 555 Description This is the circuit diagram of a small touch plate controller using IC NE 555 .This circuit is ideally useful for making touch operated doorbells, buzzers,toys etc which when touched on the...
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Automatic Wiper Control Circuit

jacky September 3, 2015 14 Comments
Automatic Wiper Control Description A continuously working wiper is a big problem when it is raining slightly.The wiper control given here makes the wiper to sweep at rates from 1S to 10 S. The circuit is build around an...
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Simple Radio Circuit using Op Amp

admin April 11, 2011 11 Comments
Simple Radio Circuit Description This is a low cost simple radio circuit  based on op amp which can be used to listen to nearby stations. A simple op-amp radio basically consists of a crystal radio along with a fairly...
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Power Supply Circuit using LM 317

admin December 8, 2011 11 Comments
Power Supply Circuit-40 Volts-2A Description. This is a power supply circuit diagram of 40Volts, that is able to deliver 2A current.This circuit is suitable for power amplifiers .Transistor TIP 42 A is used as a pass transistor to increase...
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Simple Amplifier Circuit

admin April 27, 2011 13 Comments
19 Watts Simple Amplifier Circuit Description This is a 19 watt simple amplifier circuit diagram using IC LA4440 from Sanyo.It uses very less components other than the IC LA4440.A very high quality circuit with respect to its cost and...
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InfraRed (IR) Sensor/Detector

jacky November 22, 2011 11 Comments
InfraRed (IR) Sensor/Detector Circuit Description. The circuit shows that the output of IC1 555 IC,which is designed for a duty cycle of 0.8mSec,with a frequency of 120Hz and 300 mA peak current, is used to drive the infra red...
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