AM Transmitter circuit

admin November 27, 2018 89 Comments
Simple AM Transmitter Transmitters are devices that are capable of transmitting audio as radio waves from an audio device. There are two types of transmitters; FM & AM. We have many posts on FM transmitters, so we decided to...
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Hi Fi Amplifier circuit

admin November 27, 2018 7 Comments
Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit – 2X12 Watts HiFi or High fidelity is a term used to indicate equipment that reproduces a high quality of sound. The highlight of Hi-Fi equipment is inaudible noise or distortions and a natural frequency response. Hifi...
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Mini Audio Amplifier circuit

admin November 27, 2018 122 Comments
Mini Amplifier Circuit Audio amplifiers are electronic amplifiers that are used to amplify weak audio signals from an input like a mic to high amplitude signals to be reproduced through loudspeakers. This is a very simple hobby project suitable for...
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Remote Control Tester Circuit

jacky November 15, 2018 43 Comments
Remote control tester Circuit Description This is a simple remote controller tester circuit  based on infrared sensor IC TSOP 1738. When the IR waves fall on the sensor it output changes to low state. This makes the transistor Q1...
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Transistor Amplifier Circuit-12 Watts

jacky November 15, 2018 5 Comments
12 Watts Transistor Amplifier Circuit Description The circuit shown below is not at all expensive as the amplifier contains only an op-amp and four transistors (easily available from your electronics junk box). Here the op-amp used is uA 741...
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USB LED Lamp Circuit

admin November 15, 2018 24 Comments
USB LED Lamp Circuit Description Here is a simple USB powered lamp that can be used to light your desktop during power failures. The circuit operates from the 5 Volt available from the USB port. The 5V from the...
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Remote controlled switch circuit

admin November 9, 2018 50 Comments
In this project, let’s build a simple Remote controlled switch for appliance controlling. If you know basic concepts of electronics, this circuit is pretty easy to build and test. The core of this circuit are two IC’s – which...
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Burglar Alarm Circuit and Projects

admin November 9, 2018 12 Comments
In this article, we list different burglar alarm circuit and projects we have designed and published in CircuitsToday. A burglar alarm is basically an intruder alert system used to prevent theft/robbery and protect one’s premises. Burglar alarms or alert...
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Tweeter Crossover circuit

admin November 9, 2018 17 Comments
In this guide, we’re building a fun project (well, ‘tweet’ generating circuit is obviously fun to build, but tweet crossover reduction is purely geeky!)  – which is a Tweeter Crossover Circuit. This simple design is developed using two capacitors...
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