Working of Contactors

john December 5, 2017 5 Comments
There are posts on the working of relays, types of relays and so on. To know about them click on the links below. TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF RELAYS A contactor is also a type of relay. Although...
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Types of Relays

john March 15, 2011 21 Comments
Types of Relays In this article, the different types of relays like overload protection relay, solid state relay, solid state contactor relay, Buchholz relay, Mercury Wetted relay and many more are explained with diagrams. . In my earlier post...
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Working of Relays

john August 14, 2018 63 Comments
Relay Working In this article, the basics of a relay like energized relay and de-energized relay are explained in detail. Also, the design, construction, working, applications, and also relay selection is explained in detail. What is a relay? A...
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