Lead acid battery charger circuit

admin November 9, 2018 193 Comments
In this article, we teach you how to design a simple Lead Acid Battery Charger circuit using an op-amp IC and some associated components. The core of this circuit is IC LM 317 – which is basically an operational...
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Sensitive Intruder Alarm Circuit

admin November 2, 2018 74 Comments
Super light Sensitive Intruder Alarm Circuit Intruder alarms are popular devices used in high-security areas as well as civilian houses to detect and alarm the presence of any intruders. There are different kinds of intruder detection alarms, some detect...
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Single Chip FM Radio circuit

admin October 30, 2018 94 Comments
In this project, we’re building a Single Chip FM Radio. The heart of this circuit is a digital IC – TDA7000. The design involves proper use of inductors and capacitors with correct values. Since the IC is dedicated to...
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Direct Coupled Radio

admin October 30, 2018 3 Comments
In this project circuit, we’re building a Direct Coupled Radio Circuit using an inductor and 3 transistors mainly. This is a very basic, low cost, hobby purpose circuit – just for the learning purpose of “direct coupling” method. If...
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Liquid Level Switch

admin October 30, 2018 13 Comments
In this guide, we are designing a Liquid Level Switch using 3 transistors (BC107), some passive components, a diode and a couple of relays. This is basically a level sensing circuit designed using minimal components. If you’re looking for...
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Musical light chaser circuit

admin October 30, 2018 34 Comments
In this project guide, we’re doing a simple Musical Light Chaser circuit using two digital IC’s and some associated components. This is basically a hobby circuit, which you can build for Halloweens or Christmas decorations. Description Here is a...
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PWM Motor Speed Control Circuit

admin October 30, 2018 17 Comments
In this project guide we’re building PWM Motor Speed Control circuit using two digital IC’s. We’ve published different types of PWM circuits, say from the basic PWM using NE 555 IC, to the much advanced PWM using micro controllers like...
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DoorBell circuit using UM 66 IC

admin November 9, 2018 29 Comments
Doorbell Circuit Description Related Posts: Melody Generator using UM 66 Door Bell Circuit Using NE555   The main objective of the doorbell circuit is to convert electrical signals (input) into audio signals (output) with a single press of a...
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7 Segment Counter Circuit

admin November 8, 2018 67 Comments
Seven Segment Counter Display Circuit Description Here is the circuit diagram of a seven segment counter based on the counter IC CD 4033. This circuit can be used in conjunction with various circuits where a counter to display the...
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Voltmeter circuit using LED

admin November 7, 2018 20 Comments
Car Battery Voltmeter Circuit Description The main onjective of the car batter voltmeter circuit using LED is to work as a warning inducator using a voltmeter circuit to test the life of car batteries. A voltmeter, though can be...
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