Next Generation 3D Holographic Displays

john January 27, 2012 1 Comment
The Hollywood film industry went to a whole new level after 3-D movies like James Cameron’s “Avatar” to the latest “Underworld Awakening”. The perspective of watching movies through a whole new dimension is believed to have brought movie fans...
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Get Ready to Fire Laser From Your Body

john January 13, 2012 1 Comment
laser cell construction Cyclops, a superhero from the famous comics “X men” has been the favorite of many people across the world. In the story, the character produces powerful laser beams by optical blast from his eyes. This fiction...
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2012 Welcomes 3D Transistors!!

john January 3, 2012 4 Comments
3D Transistor A transistor is the fundamental building block of all electronic devices.  .  A transistor can be defined as a device, which is used to amplify signals and power. Integrated circuits are used in making of chips inside...
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