Wireless Power Transmission

john April 16, 2011 4 Comments
Wireless Power Transmission Most of us at home maybe using multi-plug to connect all the electronic devices with power cords. You may have even got confused to get the right cord for unplugging it among the other cords that...
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Invention of Superconductors Turns 100

john April 12, 2011 No Comments
Superconductors It has been a century since the discovery of Superconductors. The discovery was made by Heike Onnes on April 8th, 1911 at the Leiden Cryogenic Laboratory in Netherlands. The first experiment involved the immersing of a mercury capillary...
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Infrared (IR) Blaster

john April 6, 2011 2 Comments
Introduction An IR Blaster is a device that functions or imitates an IR Remote Control in its features. This device is used to control other devices. If this device is connected to a PC, it can be used to...
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